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Lil Farm Girl👧🏽🐶🏡Proverbs 31:25-29🕊️Grew 1st GARDEN🫘🪴✝️John3:16🙏🏽Matthew10:16👼🏽Galatians6:17🕊️Matt.11:28-30 🛍️ @birdsong.wear 👩🏽‍🌾 @kristina.birdsong
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Alone in a 🫛 Field Far, Far Away… 👩🏽‍🌾🕊️
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Farm Girl All Day Long 👩🏽‍🌾🌽🌻🎻🕊️ Subscribe To My Clothing Collection BIRDSONG WEAR to Wear All Outfits.. 🛍️🔓⬆️ @birdsong.wear
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Happy Cinco de Mayo 🎉 To Wear 👖 Check Out My Clothing Collection @birdsong.wear 🛍️💞
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14 days ago
Small Girls.. Can Build Strong Fences.. 💪🏽🤪Using My Dried out Sunflower and Corn Stalks I Saved from last Summer.. 🌻🌽🎋😅 #lilfarmgirl #bamboo
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15 days ago
I'm So Glad I Worked hard Last Year and Harvested All my Sunflower Seeds 🌻 💜🧡💛.. Cuz I Planted Them and they are Coming up for this Summer Already!! 🌱🌱 I'm SELLING MY SUNFLOWER SEEDS If you are Interested in Growing Some in Your Yard 🌻.. MESSAGE ME ON HERE OR MY @kristina.birdsong Pg. For Details on Packages and Pricing 📩🌻💞
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17 days ago
It’s Time to Grow uuu Again 🌽💛 My 3 Favorite Things To Grow are Corn 🌽 Sunflowers 🌻 and Watermelon 🍉!! #gardenlife
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20 days ago
Watering my Corn in My @birdsong.wear Jeans Outfit 🌽👖🩵 It’s Cute and Comfy, it’s from #express and You Can Dress it Up or Down 👩🏽‍🌾 Sub ⬆️ to Wear and Create Your Own Closet 🔓🛍️⬆️ #poweredbyhaverdash Follow @birdsong.wear 🛍️🤗
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The Mockingbird is a Symbol of Innocence and Harmlessness 🐦🤍 They Put All Their Beauty in Their Songs 🎶 Bothering No other Birds.. They Just Copy Their Sounds 🕊️🎶. 👗 @birdsong.wear Sub to Wear 🔓🛍️
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Been Learning on My Own to Play the Violin Recently 🎻 I Grew up Learning to Play the Piano 🎹 But Have ALWAYS Loved the Violin!! And 🎻 Music is the Treble Clef of the Piano 🎼 So I Already Know How To Read the Music 🎶 🤗 And My 12 Year Old Nephew Plays the Viola and Coaches me on FaceTime 👦🏼🎻💞Here’s to Learning and Trying NEW THINGS.. BTW Music has Actually ALWAYS BEEN My Favorite Hobby 🎼🎶🎤 🤍 #learningtoplayviolin
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26 days ago
Her Name is IVY.. 🧝🏽‍♀️🎨 It Means “God’s Gift” 🕊️ #paintingoftheday
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27 days ago
When U Love Spicy Food This Much… 🌶️🪴😋
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1 month ago