Ruvé sent me this this morning. Being away filming right now I would give anything to have my arm wrapped inside the arm of my love! Being away from Ruvé is the hardest thing I ever have to do. Everyone wonders why I play villains so well, put me on the road and you’ll have a villainess Neal McDonough for sure! :-) I love you Baba! The greatest achievement and award in life is that I am allowed to lock arms with you and walk through this journey of life together with the greatest woman of all time! Thank you for holding up the house while I am away and holding my heart while you’re at it! I love you! @loveisdaily #love #marriage #partners #god
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My amazing Ruvé just reminded me that I didn’t post anything on Veterans Day. She also said better late than never! That is why she is the brains of this organization.(Looks too obviously!) I’m gonna ask a special favor from Everyone who reads this now. I would love for you to say a prayer for these guys over there. Ruvé and I are just Supporting our friend and his soldiers currently deployed to the Middle East. @usarmy @usmarinecorps @usairforce @usnavy @us_coastguard_ #God #country #bandofbrothers #veterans #veteransday
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Hey everybody! Apex is finally out in theatres and on digital platforms today! I am so proud to be part of this film with Corey Large and the great Bruce Willis again! And a big congratulations to our daughter London in her first feature film! Mom and dad are so proud of you honey! And of course thank you to my amazing wife Ruve’ for always being the glue that holds us all together with love! I love you Baba! @apexmovie @lionsgate @netflix #actionmovies #god #family #love #villians #syracuse
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Friends and Fans… Please join me and the Band of Brothers cast on Zoom to support injured Veterans through @homesforourtroops during their 5th Annual #VeteransDay @Ebay Celebrity Auction! Bid now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284514028888 #HFOTauction2021 *****Link in Bio Bidding ends 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST on Sunday, November 14th. #bandofbrothers #hbo #veteransday #veterans #homesforourtroops
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Wasn’t last nights episode absolutely incredible?! You can check it out streaming now and I suggest you do! I am so proud of being Eisenhower on the show! And thank you to my beautiful wife Ruve’ for helping me turn this character into one of the most iconic characters I’ve ever had the opportunity to play! @ahsfx @hulu @fxnetworks @netflix @usarmy #God #family #blessed
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1 month ago
Do not miss tonight‘s episode! It is incredible! And thank you everyone for all of your support and well wishes for me as I had the honour to play Dwight Eisenhower! And thank you to my amazing wife Ruvé for holding down the house while I was doing it! I love you Baba!! @ahsfx @hulu @fxnetworks #god #family #blessed
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What an honour it was to share the screen with the amazing @mssarahcatharinepaulson ! I smell EMMY! @ahsfx #mssarahcatharinepaulson #ahs
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FINALLY!!!! The RESIDENT EVIL trailer is here!! This is awesome!!!! #Sonypictures #ResidentEvil @screengems #WelcometoRacoonCity #God #family #blessed #scifi
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Hi everyone! I’m so excited that the trailer for RESIDENT EVIL finally comes out tomorrow! I am truly amazed with what the incredible people at Sony and the editors of this film have done with my beloved Dr. Birkin!!!I cannot wait to sit at the Premier and watch Ruvé’s face! @sonypictures @sony @residentevil @racooncity #racooncity #God #family #movies #villain @facebook
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So excited for this! Especially for our daughter London who is in her first film! Speaking for Ruvé and the clan, ThankYou Corey Large for the faith in us! Let’s Go!!! @apex @lionsgate #god #family @band_of_brothers_101st @fxnetworks @nbc @netflix #act
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Hey everybody. Tonight is my first episode of American horror story as Dwight D Eisenhower! It is unbelievable! I am so proud of the show! @ahsfx @triller #scifi @fxnetworks @hulu #god
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