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🚀 🌎 Exploring the universe and our home planet. Verification: nasa.gov/socialmedia
📍 NASA Rock Yard at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX I am still beaming over being given the opportunity to visit @nasajohnson @nasa to witness the revealing of the Bennu asteroid sample #OSIRISREx brought back. This was such a fun trip and makes for the perfect time to start posting on my @emosciencegirl account…I can’t wait to share more with you - but first, the ROCK YARD! #nasasocial #nasa #tobennuandback #nasa🚀
1 month ago
We had the most amazing time @nasa @nasajohnson learning about the #OSIRISREx mission and the sample brought back from the asteroid Bennu! And we got the best behind the scenes look at all things #NASA . Thanks for the invite @nasa ! To learn more to to www.science.nasa.gov/mission/osiris-rex - - #NASASocial #OSIRISREx #ToBennuAndBack
1 month ago
This is one for the books. The Osiris-REx NASA social was an incredible experience, filled with so many awe-inspiring moments and breath taking sights. I was lucky enough to spend my time with really incredible people who have already become good friends. Ours was a diverse group, with unique individuals from so many different walks of life. It was an honor to see so many intricate parts of how NASA works and to be part of this historic moment in asteroid discovery & space exploration. I could dedicate several more paragraphs and posts to all of this but I’ll try my best to encapsulate some of it with these 10 pictures 😂 Thank you so so much to @nasajohnson for this amazing opportunity! I’m already hard at work crafting together this expansive journey and what got us here into my short film, The Nation of Icarus. Keep your eyes open for it 🚀 🩵 #nasa #nasasocial #tobennuandback #osirisrex #bennu #thenationoficarus
1 month ago
🎵 Gettin’ Ready Gettin’ Ready Gettin’ Ready Ready!!!! 🎵 • Join your NASAsocial Team for insider coverage on THE #OSIRISREx #bennuasteroid unveiling TODAY !!! Watch all the fun on nasa.gov/live ! • #ToBennuAndBack #asteroidebennu #thisiswhtascientistlookslike #STEMfluencer #sciencecommunication #contentcreator #stemlearning #nasaastromaterials #myscientistlookslikeme #microscopic #representationmatters #bethechangeyouwanttosee #sciencenews #influencerlife #NASA
1 month ago
✨Hoje é o melhor dia da minha vida ✨ Conheci todo o Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) e pude explorar cada detalhe ❤️ Amanhã será o lançamento da missão Psyche que irá para o asteroide 16 Psyche; um mundo de metal! Today is the best day of my life. ☄️✨ . . . . . . . . #nasa #nasagirl #vabnasa #psyche #asteroide #asteroid #nasavab #nasasocial #nasapsyche
1 month ago
Rover prototype rolling through the hills of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. This area is called the rock yard where geology training can be held, and tools can be tested. Taken at Day 1 of the OSIRIS-REx mission NASA social! #NASAsocial #nasa #space #rover #science #johnsonspacecenter #moon #lunar #geology
1 month ago
#History Last night was a super cool experience that I never would’ve put on my vision board 😆😂 Got invited to a special, intimate meet and greet at @airandspacemuseum with the astronauts heading to the moon on the Artemis II 🌙🚀 They were full of personality, were actually quite funny and had some great answers to some good questions! Head over to @team_yellow ’s stories to see what I asked them 💛 This the official photo taken by @nasa photogs with the guests and astronauts 🧑🏾‍🚀🥹 Wishing them safe travels out (and back in) of this world! 🙏🏾🪐
6 months ago
Most photographers have a bucket list of photographs they would like to capture in their lifetime. Reaching this goal usually takes that entire lifetime, and the motivation is realizing you never stop adding to the list. One of the entries on my list is a photograph of earth from outer space. While I do understand that it is probably impossible, at this point in my life I will not rule it out completely. So until @nasa sends that email telling me that there’s an extra seat on their next mission, I’ll leave it up to the brave souls that actually train to go to outer space. Now that I’m done rambling I had the opportunity to preview the new “Destination Moon” exhibit at @airandspacemuseum with the @nasaartemis II crew. This includes @astro_christina , @astrovicglover , @astro_reid , and @astrojeremy . Their launch is scheduled for 2024 and will be the first crewed mission to the vicinity of the moon in more than 50 years. Photo: My goal was to find a single photo to share with you that would be a complete visual representation of the mission itself. The people involved, technology, purpose, history, imagination, and bravery. What I found was this photo of Neil Armstrong’s famous quote while standing on the surface of the moon. His words reflected off the helmet of the suit he wore is an example of how far we’ve come and how far we’re going. It is believing that anything is possible and you have the opportunity to be that beacon of possibility. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” - Neil Armstrong
6 months ago
It’s Orion!! 🤩 The full-scale mock-up of the Orion capsule is a replica of the spacecraft that @nasa has developed for the Artemis missions. It is used for testing and training, and provides a realistic look at the spacecraft's interior and various systems. Orion orbited the Moon during Artemis I and is gearing up for the first crewed mission around the Moon in 2024. You like my hard hat? I bumped my head a few times so it was necessary. 😅 - - - #NASA #nasasocial #nasaartemis #orionspacecraft #artemis #goingtothemoon #outschool #outschoolteacher #astronomy #johnsonspacecenter
7 months ago
#NASASocial Recap Pt. 1 What an incredible, once in a lifetime experience this has been! On Monday, April 3rd, history was made as @nasa and the @canadianspaceagency revealed the crew of Artemis II. Meet your Artemis II crew members! Commander Reid Wiseman, Pilot Victor Glover, Mission Specialist 1 Christina Hammock Koch, and Mission Specialist 2 Jeremy Hansen. This crew will work as a team to execute an ambitious set of demonstrations during the ~10 day flight test from launch, all the way to and around the moon, and back through to splash down in the Pacific! 🧑‍🚀🚀💫🌖👩‍🚀
8 months ago
Over the Moon for this crew! 👨‍🚀🚀🌖 On Monday, April 3, 2023, @nasa and the @canadianspaceagency named four astronauts headed to the moon in more than half a century! Making history in more ways than one, the #Artemis II crew will be the first astronauts to fly onboard the @lockheedmartin -built Orion spacecraft, and includes the first woman, person of color and Canadian to venture beyond earth’s orbit. HERE THEY ARE: Commander @astro.reid , Pilot @astrovicglover , Mission Specialist 1 @astro_christina , and Mission Specialist 2 @astrojeremy ! A big thank you to #NASASocial for making this adventure possible 💫
8 months ago