Movie Mountain


A small film studio located on a mountaintop in Washington State.
Shoe soup @salehebembury
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1 year ago
BLOOM OVER GLOOM.. A project that we’ve been working on for two years launched today for @nike . Here are some bits and pieces from the process. To see the whole 3 minute piece, peep the link in da profile.
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1 year ago
ISPA LINK STOP MO MOJO @teamteamteamteamteamteamteam @nike
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WHAT IS THIS, A MOUNTAIN FOR ANTS!? @salehebembury @canadagoose @doubledayandcartwright
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BUCKLE YEE BRAINS @talkingterps
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
THE PUKE VHS’s HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING and are in transit to Kickstarter backers. By Weds all of the other tiers will be shipped as well. Thanks to everyone that supported the film. Here’s what the film looks like on the format of the gods. @alfasenturion @timothytickle @jgsour @andrewaller @fosterhunting
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2 years ago
Thank you to everyone that's already supported our film PUKE on @kickstarter .  I think film will have a lil legacy of its own and will show people a window into a strange world that reflects problems we all deal with.  I'm super happy with how all of the merch came out, and after tomorrow, it will never be available again.  Once it's gone it's gone.  SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER MISS OUT ON PUKE. BUY THE PELLET, TAKE THE RIDE.  LINK in PROFILE.
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3 years ago
Pellet dissection is the ideal Sunday morning activity. To get your very own Barn Owl Pellet collected by none other than @alfasenturion , check out link in our profile. Oh yah it comes with a digital download of the Documentary PUKE too. #buythepellettaketheride #sundaymorningcomingdown
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3 years ago
Rolling tires, searching for pellets in abandoned barns and discussing the short comings of globalization, all an hour and ten minute documentary available in the link in our profile. BUY THE PELLET TAKE THE RIDE
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3 years ago
PUKE IS A FILM about people that collect bird barf for a living. $10 gets you a digital download of the film and an owl pellet collected by the @alfasenturion , the hero of the flick. Follow the link in our profile to see the the other rewards.
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