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Hi guys m shattered nd devastated i can’t breathe while writing this but i hav to fight this nd need ur help. By now u all know who is this kid in my post. My elder son Chickoo, he is an eight year old Labrador. He had been diagnosed with CANCER (which is now spreading). Doctors here gave up and no surgery can be done. I NEED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH CHENNAI VETS CAN ANYONE HERE HELP ME WITH THAT. Plzz comment here or inbox me.
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Shadows nd blurry r inevitable🐉 pic 📸courtsey : @iammony
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I recently found a way to cook my favourite fried rice restaurant-style but at my home! It is so simple it will blow your mind and requires only 3 easy steps. For this recipe all you need is one magic ingredient - the Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Spice Mix from @maggiindia . This mix let’s you whip up the fried rice in a matter of minutes without much fuss. Watch my video where I share the recipe to this and tell me in the comments below when you try it out #MaggiIndia #CookwithMaggi #RestaurantJaisaFriedRice
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মোদের গরব, মোদের আশা আ-মরি বাংলা ভাষা ❤️
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Have you ever had those cravings where you want a restaurant -style dish but made at home? Believe me I have been there, so to help you out I will take you through one of my favourite dish, a delicious fried rice recipe made from your kitchen at home. All you need for your recipe is a sachet of Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Spice Mix from @maggiindia In just a few simple steps, it will cook up the most filling and yummy fried rice dish at home. Find the recipe in the comments below. Do give this restaurant style fried rice a try and let me know in the comments. #MaggiIndia #CookwithMaggi #RestaurantJaisaFriedRice
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You are my calm
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Going with the trend😜 @yashrajmukhate (just some crazy stuff) @parnomittra @ankii_i @sandip3432 On music @the_switspot
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I know u hav my back✅
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Morning 🌊👸🏼🦋
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When red is the colour of the day❤️ Happy valentines from me to you. If you love than say it its worthit🥰
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