What a joy it is to announce my book, Landscapes with Soul. This collection of imagery is my best work captured from the coast of Finland to the mountains of Norway. It's an ode to the North. You can experience the breathtaking landscapes and moody seasons in this premium photo book. Along the way, I share behind-the-scenes details about how I captured some of my best work. You can pre-order the limited edition book now and get it before Christmas, but act fast since this hand-signed edition is very limited! The link is in the bio. It's been an eventful thirteen-year journey as a photographer with countless sleepless nights and unforgettable moments. I'm grateful for your never-ending support! None of this would be possible without your help. It hasn't been the easiest year of my life recovering from back surgery. Still, I'm hopeful for a healthier future and more photography adventures, and more photos to share with you along the way. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed creating the photographs. It was an epic journey putting it all together. Special thanks to the team I had the pleasure to work with to make it all happen. PS. Yes, that's a rare photo of me holding the book. Oh, and it's my birthday today. 📷 @samipiskonen #fineart #photobook #landscapeswithsoul #finland #norway
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9 days ago
The dark season is near, and you can feel it. Cold, dark, and rainy days with a few hours of daylight. Hopeful for snow and colder temperatures. Meanwhile, here is a long exposure of a stormy sea with a shorter one for the clouds. #epicpreset
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24 days ago
A passing moment. I wanted to capture how it feels when watching the moon rise from the horizon. Waves are slowly crashing, and clouds are passing by—a mesmerizing view to see. You can see a short video of the clouds moving in front of the moon. Edited with my EPIC Preset Collection. #epicpreset
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1 month ago
In the mist. #epicpreset
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1 month ago
Like drifting into a dream. Foggy evenings are so beautiful, especially in the autumn. I hope you are doing good! #epicpreset
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2 months ago
Fragile. One of those foggy mornings. #epicpreset
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5 months ago
Mist. I’m so tired after last nights foggy adventures that I don’t know what to type. Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully we will see lots of fog again soon. Edited with my updated Epic System. #epicpreset
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6 months ago
Early morning light. Some sunrises are well worth the early wake up. #epicpreset
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6 months ago
Calm. A misty spring morning at the lake. Quiet and beautiful. Enjoy your day! #epicpreset
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7 months ago
Lost in the night. It’s nights like these when you seek some quiet alone time at the coast in the darkness. I used The Epic Color Profiles to edit this one. .. #epicpreset #Finland #suomi #milkyway #nightphotography #astrophotography #lightroompresets #sea #longexposure #rocks #nature #photooftheday #hellofrom
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7 months ago
Early morning calm. These views are always worth the early wake up. I used my EPIC Presets to edit this one. . . #epicpreset #post _processing #editing #finland #lightroom #suomi #alone #morningwalk
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7 months ago