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My favourite moment is you🤍 Still living under that euphoria feeling from the 3rd of August.🥹🫶🏽 Dress @malliny_mln Photo @alexandr.purcel #VladMarinelaWedding
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1 year ago
The aesthetic of my wedding🥀 #VladMarinelaWedding
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1 year ago
The main goal isn't to wear brands, it's to become one!🖤
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Unposted from London🫶🏽
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You know your presence is strong when they bond over hating you!
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5 days ago 🐝🌸
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6 days ago
This might be the most impolite question to ask a couple, especially if you don't know them personally. It used to be "When are you getting married?". Now it's "When are you having babies?". Seriously, I'm still in my twenties! I'm living my life, not rushing into anything. Let's just chill and enjoy the ride, okay?😁 The set is @malliny 🤍
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7 days ago
In my own fairytale world 💕 Miss Malliny dress in white launching soon @malliny 🕊️
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Moana in action🌺 (and my bestie's new hit for this summer🔥)
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Channelling Moana🌺
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While we wait for life, life passes. Start living today!
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🥀 set @magdabutrym
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