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A huge congratulations to @judy.chicago on her beautiful show at @serpentineuk , it was an honour for us to support the exhibition and to see the installation created for the @dior Spring Summer 2020 Haute Couture show be featured amongst her beautiful artworks. It was really special for me to see the women and girls from be celebrated in the exhibition as they embroidered by hand every banner featured in the installation @judy.chicago created for the show. Don’t miss it!
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Ponza days with Paolo
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@robertmackieofscotland , established in 1845, began with the production of traditional Glengarry and Balmoral headwear, known as “Bonnets”. They crafted the first ceremonial headgear for Scottish regiments and supplied major pipe bands and Scottish clan organisations worldwide. Over time, their collection has expanded, yet remains true to classic headwear, proudly “Made in Scotland” and completely manufactured in-house. It was great to collaborate with them for the @dior Cruise 2025 collection! Picture by: @rachellambphotography
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There could not be a show without the invaluable contribution of my dear friend and collaborator @Michelgaubert . For the @Dior Cruise in Scotland, he drew upon the rich sounds of Scottish culture, collaborating with Oliver Coates to create stunning arrangements and music, masterfully performed by @brichaimbeul and the @nationalpipingcentre . Thank you all for the wonderful show! Picture by: @rachellambphotography
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Esk Valley Knitwear is a traditional manufacturer of knitwear based in Annan. In this region of southwest Scotland, the purity of the water allows for the production of high-quality Shetland yarn, which is particularly soft to the touch as opposed to the otherwise coarse hand which characterises traditional Shetland wool. Together with @eskcashmere , we have created some pieces featuring traditional Aran stitches and Fairisle designs, included in the show, as well as the historic Sanquhar pattern which we redesigned to include the Maison Dior’s four-leaf clover and star for the @Dior Cruise 2025 collection. Picture by: @rachellambphotography
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With my heart still full from the memories made in Scotland for the @dior 2025 show, some post show celebratory dance with the wonderful @lucifer_fearfull who closed the show alongside the National Piping Centre who even came to play backstage and celebrate together!
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Once again, @ifmknitwearma graduate @_riamond_ created a crocheted corset inspired by the marine elements of a Wunderkammer (“cabinet of curiosities”). During the Renaissance period, the cabinet of curiosities – whether it be a room or a piece of furniture – was a space dedicated to the encyclopedic collection of extraordinary objects pertaining to the natural world. By crocheting some of these marine elements, Ju’s skilled handcraft truly brought to life a three-dimensional textile “cabinet of curiosities” – a theme which is featured in our @dior Cruise 2025 collection. This technique of crochet is extremely time-consuming, and showcases Ju’s incredible talent – truly a piece of art. Thank you for your great work and dedication to the craft!
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It was great to collaborate with artist and ceramicist @pollyannajohnsonceramics . Pollyanna’s work evolves around portraits of women from the past. She seeks to revive the unique stories of these women, and to shed light on the way their stories have been shaped by experiences of sexism. The negative terms used to describe them – hysterical, bossy, feisty – are reappropriated and highlighted. They were terms used to diminish and repress these women who actively challenged the male-dominated society they lived in. In occasion of the @dior Cruise 2025 collection, we have commissioned Pollyanna to create a special plate in honour of Mary Queen of Scots. The beautiful artwork she created has been translated into a special embroidery which appeared on particular pieces in the show. Picture by: @rachellambphotography
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@JohnstonsofElgin was founded in 1797 by Alexander Johnston. Over the years, the founder gradually phased out other products and focused the mill’s production on textiles. Today, Johnstons is one of the most important producers of luxury cashmere and fine wool. Together, we developed a very special Argyle cashmere sweater, taking one of their archives as a point of departure. We were also inspired by an ancient map of Scotland that they have at their mill in Elgin. Adorned with Stars and Stripes, Maple Leaves and the Scottish national colours, this map was originally drawn by an artist named Robert Burns in 1937 – a friend of the Chairman of Johnstons of Elgin – and brought up to date in 1956 by the great-grandfather of the current Chairman of Johnstons. Marking the Scottish Woollen Mills that existed at that time, this beautiful map appears on various special items of our @dior Cruise 2025 show. Picture by: @rachellambphotography
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For the @Dior Cruise 2025, I had the opportunity to explore the history of tartan. Tartan is the quintessential emblem of Scotland’s textile tradition, and different combinations of colours have been associated, over the years, to Scottish clans. Traditionally made of wool, this strong and durable fabric has been worn in Scotland since at least the 3rd century AD and was primarily representative of the communities inhabiting the Highlands, who wore it as everyday clothing. The most significant discovery of Tartan was unearthed in a peat bog in Glen Affric, located in the Highlands. This remarkable finding revealed the world’s oldest piece of Scottish fabric, dating back to between 1500 and 1600. The incredible versatility of tartan has transformed it over time into a fabric capable of assuming different, sometimes contrasting meanings – as during the 70s, when the cultural and music punk movement used it not only as clothing but as a subversive political symbol to challenge the established order and political power. Slide 1: Tartan Exhibition at the V&A Slide 2: The world’s oldest original Scottish tartan. Courtesy V&A Slide 3: Christian Dior 2019, ©️Victoria Haddock
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The @DiorCruise 2025 collection has been an opportunity for me to collaborate on unique pieces and meet local talents, such as designer Samantha McCoach. Samantha’s love for kilts has deep roots, tracing back to her childhood when her grandmother crafted special garments for her. This passion led to the birth of her brand, @LeKilt , in 2014, starting with 12 tartans ordered from her grandmother’s home. Each Le Kilt piece, made to last using natural materials and crafted by skilled artisans in Scotland, is a unique luxury item that perfectly embodies Scottish heritage. I was very happy to collaborate with Samantha on a special Le Kilt. The traditional kilt has been adorned with pictures from the Christian Dior show hosted in Gleneagles in 1955 and was styled in the show with the Esk Valley Fairisle knit. Picture by: @rachellambphotography
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On the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, the islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra have long been renowned for their excellence in weaving. When Lady Dunmore commissioned for her clan tartan to be replicated in tweed by Harris weavers, the success of the results allowed this craft to expand beyond the islands. To handle the ever-increasing production of the Clo Mor (Gaelic for ‘The Big Cloth’), it was decided during a meeting in Stornoway (1906) that the Orb and Maltese Cross with the words Harris Tweed underneath would serve as a trademark to certify the quality of the fabric. Now regulated by its own Act of Parliament, @HarrisTweedHebrides continues to produce this fabric in commercial quantities using traditional methods. What sets this fabric apart is the unique process where the wool is dyed before spinning, enabling a rich blend of colours to merge into the yarn, resulting in a textile of remarkable depth and complexity. So honoured to have collaborated with such an important institution of textile tradition for the @Dior Cruise 2025 collection. We created together a series of colours such as “Heather”, which opened the show, inspired by natural palettes of wild Scottish landscapes. Picture by @rachellambphotography
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