This year’s ‘What Hi-Fi?’ Awards celebrated the Marantz PM6007 with a special Hall of Fame Award. Just like the generations before it, the PM6007 continues to deliver a clear, luxurious and true-to-life listening experience. Explore the PM6007 at Marantz.com. Link in bio.
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Take your time with the most musical sound. #TheMarantzWay Shop the Model 30 and SACD 30n at Marantz.com. Link in bio.
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With the Marantz Model 30, every note comes to you with a bow on it. Visit Marantz.com to shop our collection and celebrate with the gift of the most musical sound. Link in bio.
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From lavish parties to small get-togethers and nights alone by the fire, Marantz makes every step of the holiday sprint a celebratory one. Shop now on Marantz.com and get free expedited shipping this holiday season.
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We’ve been honored before, and we’ve delivered once again with the PM6007. An updated version of its already award-winning predecessor, the PM6007 promises a clear, luxurious and true-to-life listening experience. Learn more at link in bio.
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The Marantz legacy grows even stronger with the PM7000N. As this year’s ‘Best Hi-Fi System Under £1000,’ this integrated stereo amplifier combines detail and flexibility to deliver truly astounding sound from any source. Experience for yourself. Link in bio.
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Renowned for its class-leading insight, dramatic presentation and excellent finish, the CD6007 has once again been selected as this year’s ‘Best CD Player Under £500.’ Experience its iconic sound now at Marantz.com. Link in bio.
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The sound of Model 19 is often described as being more tube-like, with a stronger presence. It has a somewhat softer top end with incredibly full sounding mids and lower end. Learn more at the link in the bio.
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While continuing to use American parts, the introduction of Japanese manufacturers led to the Model 19, a more technical and aesthetically sharp copy of its predecessor. Learn more at the link in the bio.
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With the resignation of Saul Marantz in 1967 came a complete changing of the guard. His last project as President Emeritus was securing a new engineering team to continue product development for new Marantz-branded components. Model 19 was the result. Link in bio.
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With Apple Airplay 2®, you’re introduced to an array of exciting new capabilities. Connect and control your audio with wireless multiroom streaming, built-in voice controls and enhanced playback for extraordinary sound quality. Learn more at link in bio.
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Luxurious listening is made easy with Marantz Airplay®-enabled receivers. Airplay makes it easy to stream right from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple TV® to Marantz products in any room. Learn more at link in bio.
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