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Notice to all secret santas: @monicaainleydlv knows what you can give to that person you don't know very well 🌟 Don’t miss this new instalment of The Gift Consultancy.
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The new chapter of @monicaainleydlv ’s The Gift Consultancy sheds light on how to surprise someone you've already given a lot of things 🎁 Listen to the master and find inspiration at Mango!
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Wondering what to get for your parents? “Stick to the classics” is @monicaainleydlv ’s advice in episode 2 of The Gift Consultancy ✨
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“How do I choose the right size when I give clothes as a gift?” is the opening question of @monicaainleydlv ’s The Gift Consultancy series, where the expert will be answering some of the questions you sent her a few days ago. Get all your purchases right at Mango 🛍️
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Our new arrivals bring plenty of glitter and rhinestones with a disco vibe to liven up the big nights ahead. ⁣ Explore the new party collection at mango.com. ⁣ Blazer: 17089071⁣ Bustier: 27000873⁣ Leggings: 27030262⁣ Sandals: 27091505⁣ Earrings: 27001086⁣ #MangoCollection
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Dress up for the occasion: it's time to get back on the dance floor ✨ ⁣ Find the perfect outfit for your upcoming events at mango.com. ⁣ Dress: 27071148⁣ Sandals: 27051099⁣ Earrings: 27001086⁣ #MangoCollection
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Accessories are key to elevate a look, like these feathered sandals giving a twist to the classic black suit. ⁣ Discover more tips for your evening looks at mango.com. ⁣ Blazer: 17059074⁣ Trousers: 17069074⁣ Sandals: 27091505⁣ Necklace: 27040313⁣ #MangoCollection
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WITH LOVE, TO YOU 💝 In the pursuit of their dreams, each one is the engine of the other. Doesn't that deserve a gift? You can also find yours at mango.com. Photographed by @seanthomas_photo Blazer: 27051108 Red sweater: 27011151 Red trousers: 27091148 Grey sweater: 17027716 Trousers: 17087695 Hat: 17095907 #MangoTogether
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WITH LOVE, TO YOU 💝 After 12 years together, @s_blomqvist and @jeremyoung share a way of looking at life and their beautiful son, two very good reasons to celebrate their love. These soul mates say it with a gift! Directed by @seanthomas_photo #MangoTogether
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WITH LOVE, TO YOU 💝 A connection that cannot be compared to anything else. An unconditional support. The purest love. Discover their story at mango.com and start to plan your gifts too! Photographed by @seanthomas_photo Cardigan: 27000364 Knitted dress: 27050354 Dress: 27061144 Purple coat: 17059067 Brown coat: 27071120 Sweater: 27011153 Skirt: 27051149 Grey coat: 27081150 #MangoTogether
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WITH LOVE, TO YOU 💝 The mother-daughter bond is the most important gift that @marianaosantana and her family have experienced. And there can never be too many tokens of affection to prove it. Gifts say a lot! Directed by @seanthomas_photo #MangoTogether
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WITH LOVE, TO YOU 💝 They are proof of how close friends become the family you choose. Get inspired by their story and plan your gifts at mango.com. Photographed by @seanthomas_photo Green coat: 27042878 T-shirt: 27001314 Floral dress: 27071116 Shirt: 27041152 Blazer: 27071151 Sweater: 27001314 Gloves: 27091128 Beanie: 27081128 #MangoTogether
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