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Our trio’s broken today. But the memories will always stay with me. Will miss Amit and his wisecracks more than I can say. He was a lovely man, a treat to work with and a delight to watch in action. Never thought I’d be writing something like this for him. May his soul achieve sadgati, and may God give us the strength to cope with such a huge loss.
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19 days ago
Asli mazza ‘JAB’ ke saath aata hai! 💪🏻 My wife and I took our first dose of the Covid vaccine. If you qualify or know someone who qualifies, make sure to get vaccinated or help others along the process. Thank you to the staff at Holy Spirit Hospital for an extremely smooth experience 🙏🏻😊 . . . #vakkchin #vaccine #vaccinessavelives #NaToCorona #JabToBeatCorona
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1 month ago
What goes around comes around! 😬 . . . . #circleoflife #karma #timeflies #tmkoc
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4 months ago
Wondering what 2021’s got in store for us. All good things, I hope 🤞🏻😬 . . . . #hope #newyear #fingerscrossed #goodbye2020
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4 months ago
2020 in a nutshell. Just joking :) Corona ke khilaaf ‘Hum Sab Ek Hai’ . . . . #memories #throwback #sonytv #neelatelefilms #oldschool
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5 months ago
The joy of eating Jalebi-Fafda after nine days of fasting is unparalleled! એ હાલો જયાફત ઉડાવવા! . . . . #happydussehra #jalebifafda #festival #breakfast #sundaymornings
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6 months ago
Superbly well etched tribute to one of the most Classic Cartoonist of all times : Mr. R. K . Laxman ( The Legend ) .
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6 months ago
This year has been all kinds of unexpected, and another surprising thing to have happened this year is the restoration of this film that is very close to my heart. The fine people @potatoeaterscollective have made ‘Hun Hunshi Hunshilal’ available to watch on YouTube for 6 days starting today. They have managed to bring this labour of love alive for a brand new audience. I still fondly remember working with dear friends Renuka Shahane, Manoj Joshi, Sanjiv Shah and maverick music director Rajat Dholakia in a very different time. Unfortunately, the film did not get a lot of attention back in 1992, perhaps because it was ahead of it’s time. But I hope that you all can give this very relevant film a chance now. The film is in Gujarati, but it is available with English subtitles. #film #cinema #throwbackthursday #1992 #tbt #oldschool
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6 months ago
(1 & 2 /6) It all began with Taarak Bhai’s iconic characters from his ‘Duniya Ne Undha Chashma’ stories in Chitralekha. This cartoon is of the Jethalal I grew up with. Thank you, Taarak Bhai. You are dearly missed. Your smile has kept us going. (3/6) Lucky for me, I had Asit Bhai, a longtime friend, and a seasoned producer who I trusted immensely and had worked with before, offer me the choice of playing Jethalal, adapted by him for television! Thank you, Asit Bhai. (4/6) Fast forward to look tests, a pilot episode, and finally, the first episode that aired on Sab TV on 28th July 2008. We were all given a glimpse into the world of Gokuldham Society for the very first time. We had absolutely no idea that more than a journey, this show would turn into a discovery! (5/6) It’s rightly said that it’s not work, if you love what you do, and the brilliant team that I work with day in day out, have made me fall in love with my work more than ever. To teammates who have had to leave us during the run, we miss you everyday and for me, you will always be an equal part, infact every department of this blessed production is responsible for this achievement today. So, thank you, Team TMKOC. (6/6) Playing this character is a gift that keeps giving. And a huge chunk of the credit goes to the fans and well-wishers of the show who have welcomed us and allowed us to be a part of their lives in so many unimaginable ways! So, thank you to everyone who’s reading this right now. And last but never the least, thanking the Ultimate Maker of this show called Life, for giving us all the constant strength to carry on this mission of spreading smiles. Jay Swaminarayan 🙏🏻☺️ . . . . #taarakmehtakaooltahchashmah #tmkoc #3000happysodes #iloveyou3000 #gratitude #blessed
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7 months ago
Looking back makes me want to look forward to good times again! Until then, all we’ve got are #throwbacks . . . . #throwbackthursday #2019 #holiday #italy #florence #duomo
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7 months ago
Zara Hatke (1994, Zee TV) This was the first time I was entrusted with the responsibility of leading a show along with this fine gentleman. He wasn’t the only one. I also consider myself ‘Lucky’ for having worked with him back then, and having had the good fortune of listening to his songs on set, long before they became the stuff of legend! . . . . #fbf #luckyali #onset #memories #1994
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8 months ago
Pranamya Shirsa Devam Gauri Putram Vinayakam 🙏🏻😊 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! I hope this year everyone is celebrating safely at home and helping Ganpati Baapa chase this pandemic away! . . . . #ganpatibappamorya #ganpati #blessed #ganeshchaturthi #2020 #stayhome #staysafe
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8 months ago