OH. SO. BO. HO A little bit of magic for Halloween or Christmas!! No glitter here, just beautiful shades of boho-ness… these are limited editions as I have very limited amounts of this cool acrylic. They have already been added to the website because I’m that organised this morning 🤣 • • #bohocake #bohomama #bohostyleliving #magic #bohomagic #peacelovemagic #caketopper #caketopperuk #caketoppersuk
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3 days ago
I had so much fun making these! I had to capture it. #catghost #ghostcat #cutehalloween #prettyhalloween #pinkhalloween #halloweencake #halloweencat
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5 days ago
I. AM. LIVING. FOR THESE!!!😍😍 So all my life, since I found out about @packedparty last year, I knew it was love at first sight and I HAD to get my hands on their glittery things. And I knew you wanted that too! Soooo, I have decided to stock a few of my faves! The most sparkly of bags (useful zip bag and a going OUT OUT bag) and confetti cups, I mean, HELLO😍! These will be on sale from this evening at 8pm. I have some special tissue paper at the printers and a lovely gift box if you were looking to get this as a present - these will be options at checkout, but **please note, I don’t have the tissue paper yet so it means you’ll have to wait for that if you want it 😁😁** #christmasgiftsideas #glittergang #packedparty #confetticups #confettibag #livingmybestnostalgiclife #kidinacandystore #iheartglitter
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Why hello! It’s been a while 🤣🤣 So the past 2 weeks have been mental 🤪 Juggling school runs with running a small biz has been a shocker 🤣! I have locked myself out of the house (twice in one day!) and lost my car keys 🙈 all in 1 week. I’ve been working till 2am most mornings and haven’t sat down (besides right now) so I’m really sorry it’s been so quiet. I do have to showcase this beauty by the incredibly talented @mariesloveandcake I adore everything she does! Right, I’m off to package and do a post office run. See ya!!!😘😘 #cakesofinstagram #customcaketopper #customcaketoppers #caketoppersuk
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6 days ago
Atlas and Jessica are such a vibe 🙌! The first lot of customs since introducing the website have been going out this week. It has been a game changer for me. I can turnaround things much sooner which is great news for me (and you 🤣) I haven’t opened slots for more specific customs as I’m keen to send out the Halloween orders first. I should have most Halloween items out early next week. 💃✨ After that I will be opening up for your cool custom orders that aren’t names. 😁 I’m off to take my son to his first day of school now *wipes tears 😭 Happy Thursday! #customcaketoppers #customcaketopper #namecaketopper #customnames #acryliccaketoppers #caketoppersuk
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19 days ago
HEY SUGAR! I’ve been super excited to share this cake by @yoras.cakes I have been dying to make a mini bubblegum machine that shakes 🤣🤣🤣 - life goal achieved ✅ And it could not be displayed more perfectly on a cake made by Judit! @yoras.cakes These sets will be in my shop soon. The sun is shining and I’ve got your parcels to send out 😜 Happy days!! 📸 and 🎂 @yoras.cakes #glittercaketoppersuk #caketoppers #caketopper #acryliccaketopper #caketopperideas #heysugar #bubblegummachine #caketoppersofinstagram #caketoppersuk
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21 days ago
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for purchasing from my little small biz! You girls and boys are the best! I’m always super grateful that you’d spend your hard earned cash right here! I cannot wait to see what you create! ✨The 10% off remains till 8pm this evening! ✨ Happy Friday!! Xx #glittercaketoppersuk #halloweendecor #halloweencake #prettyhalloween #cutehalloween #pastelhalloween #pinkhalloween #cutehauntedhouse #hauntedhouseillustration #halloweencaketopper
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24 days ago
Kitty Ghosts! Just for fun I thought these would be super fun and quite different on a cake 😊😊 A reminder that the collection goes live tonight at 8pm! I have a select number of each item and when it’s sold it’s gone for this drop. I will do a second drop in 2weeks so no one misses out 😁 Also, head over to my stories to see what’s on offer 😁😁 There will also be a 10% off for 24hrs on the Halloween range as well as customs 😁😁 SEE YA LATER ✌️ #halloweenparty #halloweencake #halloweendrop #halloweendecor #cutehalloween #catghost #ghosties #cuteghosts #prettyhalloween #glittercaketoppersuk
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25 days ago
Welcome to my new website!! I’ve kept things quite simple - check out the bestsellers tab to see if your style is there before going custom. Here’s a quick Reel to show you how to order a CUSTOM listing. There are 2 types of customs listed (I have not added a listing for more complex designs just yet as I’d like to get my Halloween collection going😁😁.) ⚡️The first custom listing I show you is where you choose the fonts, acrylics and glitters. If you don’t see a colour there please feel free to add a colour in your notes. ⚡️The second listing is for customs WITH DESIGN SUPPORT - it doesn’t have a ‘personalise it’ button as we’d have a convo about what you wanted. Please leave any ideas in the notes to seller. PLEASE NOTE - fonts sometimes don’t show all the characters - if you need special characters, you can always add how you would like the name to be in the notes to seller. ✨Please let me know if you’d like the flick for font 2 if it doesn’t show in your order. ✨I will add the fun swirly bits for text 9 where I see fit as it doesn’t show in the live design proof. ✨2-lined toppers will be altered to look good so you don’t need to worry about the spacing. ✨please check spelling and which case you’d like words in. There’s 10% off all customs & bestsellers today if you’re happy to be guinea pigs and trial it 😁😁. Please let me know if something doesn’t work etc. I’m ready to make adjustments. Thank you for being so patient! #websitelaunch #smallbizgirlgang #glittercaketoppersuk #cakesofinstagram #shopifyseller
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26 days ago
Spooky but CUUTE! 👻💕 So here’s my main HALLOWEEN collection dropping tomorrow night at 8pm! I really hope you like it! I’m so obsessed and I had the best time drawing up the pieces and watching them come to life as I pieced them together! Tags / confetti and cupcake toppers will be on sale with a shorter turnaround but the larger toppers will take a bit longer and I may work by doing batch orders - we’ll see how things go. See you tomorrow in my new shop (reel to come later) @ 8pm! #halloweendrop #halloweencake #halloweencakes #halloweencaketopper #customcaketoppers #cutehalloween #prettyhalloween #pinkhalloween
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27 days ago
✨LULUQ UPDATE✨ I’m so close to launching the website - please bear with me as it’s not perfect…just me working away on it every evening. 🤣🙈 (I will probably close my Etsy shop so I keep everything together). I will give you a run down on how it will look and how to order as it’s going to be much easier. Exciting features include: ✨new fonts ✨you can proof your fonts before ordering ✨Klarna should be running shortly ✨gift vouchers ✨bestsellers will be in one place ready to order with a shorter turnaround time. 💕Packaging has had a bit of a facelift HOORAY!! 💕I’ve upped my working days by another day; and 💀 the Halloween Edit is ready to drop on Thursday at 8pm I’m pretty excited. I hope you are too! 🥳💕🙌🥰 #storeupdates #shopifyseller #smallbizgirlgang #customcaketopper #customcaketoppers #caketoppers #caketoppersuk #caketoppersofinstagram #glittercaketopper
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27 days ago
HEY KITTY💕 Whenever I see this cake my heart flutters! I’m obsessed with sprinkles, confetti and glitter and I think this is a sprinkle masterpiece 😍😍 Cake and 📸 @lilyandfigcakes Sprinkles @harrisonssprinkles #acryliccaketopper #acryliccaketoppers #caketoppersuk #customcaketopper #customcaketoppers #smallbizgirlgang #sprinklescake #whodoesntlovesprinkles #sprinklesareforwinners #sprinklesarelife
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1 month ago