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Hey #stayceedains Another dog left to live and DIE on the streets of Los Angeles. SHAME ON YOU @mayorofla @laanimalservices AND Staycee Dains (she blocked us so we can’t tag her!!! I guess she’s afraid to see what dogs on streets actually look like.) If you’re like us, you’re getting tired of this shit. Dogs are discarded like pieces of trash, left to fend for themselves on the streets of Los Angeles. Animal control won’t go in the field (aka the streets) and impound animals because they don’t want to affect their “live release rate”. Instead of providing supportive services, like low-cost veterinary care, and free Spay And Neuter, they just warehouse their animals for months, and even years on end. This means thousands of other dogs are left to die miserable deaths on the street. The system is broken and nobody seems to be listening. We would love to see this girl have a better outcome. If you’d like to foster or better, yet, adopt her directly from the shelter, information is in this video. If you’d like to foster her for LLR, all supplies and medical are covered. We need long-term, stable and committed fosters who are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a sentient being in need. Please email us and put: I WANT TO HELP in the comment section. Big dog fosters are so scarce, which means dogs like this sweet girl end up facing the mean streets on their own - or they die in the shelter. We are not exaggerating when we say the situation is desperate. We are in full crisis mode and those in charge, conveniently turn a blind eye.🤬
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We are pissed!!! And you should be too!!! @laanimalservices gave this unhoused person a breeders license. (This info has been verified.) A BREEDERS LICENSE! All that was required was for him to pay $235 to get a license and voila, he is legally allowed to breed his dog. Does this looks like look like a situation conducive to raising happy and healthy puppies? Does this look like someone that could afford a C-section??? (the most common form of delivery for bulldogs). Animal shelters across the city, and across the country are in CRISIS mode. Too many dogs, and not enough adopters. Backyard, breeders and irresponsible pet owners are contributing to the problem. Dogs and cats are being killed in shelters at record rates. And yet, @laanimalservices just couldn’t say no to issuing another breeders license. We need to do better. We need to advocate for our four-legged friends. If you are as outraged as we are, please leave a respectful message for @mayorofla 213-978-1028 (shockingly no one will answer the phone.) You can also email them [email protected] or [email protected] or leave a comment on her IG page which, as you will notice, is overrun by people expressing disgust at the deplorable conditions in our shelters. @latimes has run multiple articles about the issues, but nothing has changed. Public pressure is the only thing that’s going turn this heartbreaking situation around. Please follow @theanimalcoalition to help become part of the solution. NOTE: we attempted to help this man two years ago. But unfortunately, he declined the opportunity at long-term housing and forces his senior dogs to lay on concrete all day, in all kinds of weather, and eat off a dirty sidewalk. Animal control will do nothing about it.
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Help! A few days ago we got a call about a heavily pregnant mom dog, wandering as a stray. A kind independent rescuer took her in and asked if we could help with the medical expenses. We said yes. She had her babies in a safe and loving environment. However, this morning, she woke up in distress. As it turns out, there was a deceased puppy inside of her, which needed to be removed immediately. Luckily, our friends @asecla made room. But this is an unexpected expense and we could surely use your help. If you’re able to contribute just $5 or $10 today we would so appreciate it. This is what happens when irresponsible pet owners don’t Spay And Neuter their animals. In this case, it could have resulted in the death of a beautiful dog, who loves everyone she meets. She is only 45 pounds and dog and cat friendly. This little girl should never have been treated like this and put in this situation. But we’re happy that she’s safe and loved right now. As always, we appreciate your support. ♥️ Information to donate is below. Venmo: loveleorescue Zelle: [email protected] PayPal: [email protected] Cash app: loveleorescue
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Our girls are settling into their new living situation. Three long weeks in an overcrowded and scary shelter means they definitely need some time to decompress and relax. We are so grateful to @rita_earl_blackwell for sharing their story, and to our friend @saschasudikova for scooping them up. These lovely ladies appear to be sisters and we believe they are #flatcoatretriever mixes. Gentle, sweet and dog friendly, these dogs will make a great addition for a lucky family. We think they are about 4 to 5 months old and will probably be in the 50 to 60 pound range at maturity. Please consider filling out an application on our website. #adoptme
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Monkeyface Ewok.
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3 lucky littles are home!! It took longer than we anticipated, but we’re so happy these puppies found their forever humans. Happy lives! ❤️❤️❤️
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When @rita_earl_blackwell describes a dog as “magic” - we pay attention!!Even though fosters are scarce and adoptions are slow, we couldn’t let this beautiful dog lose her life at the shelter. So today, our friend @saschasudikova drove out to Lancaster Shelter and scooped her up. We spotted her kennel mate in the background, (not related to her, but a very description.) We obviously didn’t want to leave her behind. So — we grabbed her too! That’s how we roll. Both of these beautiful girls are going to be available for adoption through us once they’ve had their vet check. If you’re interested in helping a save more lives, PLEASE consider becoming a foster OR, adopt a dog from your local shelter or rescue. There are eight other dogs at the Lancaster Shelter alone that match similar descriptions to these girls. Our Shelter and Rescue’s are in full blown CRISIS MODE and the dogs need all the help they can get.
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(Courtesy Post): My sweet boy peanut is just a gentle older man looking for his happy ending. Peanut was surrendered to the shelter along with his chihuahua sibling. His sibling was adopted pretty fast and left Peanut behind to brave the long journey ahead on his own. Peanut sat in the shelter for many months waiting to get noticed. Those days are long behind us now and Peanut is ready to find his forever home. Peanut is an American Staffy and is around 8 years young..  weighing  in at approximately 90 pounds. Peanut is a chill dude who loves to snuggle on the couch and lounge. He does love his walks and is such a gentle boy on leash. Peanut loves all dogs big and small. He’s very calm around them and coexists  peacefully. He would do great in a home with other pups but would also love to be the center of attention as well. He’s such an easy dude that is so happy and grateful just to be around someone and be on a cozy bed. If you or someone you know is interested and showing sweet boy Peanut the good side that life has to offer.. please call or text Claire @ 323-636-9330
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Leville is HOME! We are so happy to the announce the adoption of this incredible dog. She joined us a few weeks ago after she was death listed at the shelter. She had a prolapsed vagina and needed surgery to save her life. The shelter notes on her said that she “lunged” at one of the kennel attendants. Somehow that just didn’t fit with her other notes and we took a chance on her. Boy are we glad we did. This little girl is so special and blossomed in her foster home. Yesterday she found the perfect human to spend the rest of her life with. Her family has adopted all of their bulldogs from California. They got in the car and drove nine hours round-trip to pick her up. She landed exactly where she was supposed to be. We’re so happy we could help her on her journey, and grateful to everyone who donated towards her care. Happy life you sweet girl!❤️
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Ewok smile.
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After a rocky start to life, this little Chihuahua is living his best life. Rollie had surgery to repair a mangled foot, and then surgery to fix his cherry eyes. He’s now fully recovered, and making the best of his second chance. He loves going for hikes and cuddling on the couch with his human. He’s very affectionate and is what is commonly referred to as a velcro dog. He is a sweet little guy who is quiet and easy to have around. He truly deserves a home of his own, and we’re hoping that the right person sees this post and decides to fill out an application for him. #adoptme
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Buckley is still smiling, and still waiting, for a forever home. #adoptme
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