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Ready for the sights, the sounds (and the snacks) that Montreal has to offer! 😋🥯 It’s #CanadianGP weekend! #LEGOVehicles
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11 days ago
The Rebel adventure is building 🧱 5.3.2024
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1 month ago
We want everyone to feel welcome to our LEGO experiences. ❤️ Making this happen is an ongoing process and as part of our journey, we're excited to partner with KultureCity® to make our stores more inclusive and accessible to neurodivergent fans with sensory needs and non-visible disabilities. @legohouse is now certified as KultureCity Sensory Inclusive™ and US and Canada stores will be certified throughout April. Details of the roll out to more stores to follow later this year. Visit our website for more details. Link in bio. #InclusivePlay #LEGOPlayForAll #autismacceptancemonth Video description: Mum Catey with her son Liam, mum Samantha with her daughter Isabella, and Sean, a man in his thirties, are visiting the LEGO store in the Flatiron district of New York, America. Liam, Isabella and Sean are all LEGO fans. KultureCity Executive Director, Uma, is interviewed to talk about what the certification means. Store manager, Duanys, engages with visitors throughout the film incl. lending out the sensory bags at the till. Liam, Isabella and Sean all try out the tools in the sensory bags, as they walk around the store and enjoy the experiences available. LEGO House footage also shows children at LEGO House using the KultureCity Sensory bag contents with the help of staff members.
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2 months ago
The forest is full of adventure! 🐶 Can you spot all the animals hiding in the wild? Comment how many you’ve found 🔍🐾 #LEGO #LEGOFriends
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Sean knows the importance of creating a space where all members of a family can blossom into the best versions of themselves. Turning a house into a home takes love, care, and a deep understanding of those you share the space with. @sean4real has not only built a beautiful and supportive home environment, he also built an amazing LEGO house to match! #LEGOBuildYourStory 🎥 @thedadgang
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2 days ago
Did you see that coming? 👀🎈 Share with someone who’d be just as mesmerized
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3 days ago
Who here has used a film camera, camcorder, or TV with an antenna?? What about one made of @lego bricks?  📷 📹 📺 #ad These retro LEGO camera transitions pushed my skills to the limit by combining live-action, stop-motion animation, and a LOT of bouncing LEGO bricks - such a fun video to bring to life! #LEGOCollective
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3 days ago
These mother-daughter duos were so joyful building memories and the new LEGO Disney and Pixar Inside Out 2 Mood Cubes! Which new Inside Out 2 character are you most excited to meet? #LEGO #Pixar #InsideOut2
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4 days ago
Build our buddy a burger by holding down the dots and scrolling right 🍔​
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4 days ago
Every Prime needs a Bumblebee
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5 days ago
We asked you for your Pride builds and you didn’t disappoint 😍🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ️️ Thank you to everyone who submitted a build to LEGO Ideas, we loved seeing all of them. Here are just a few of our top picks! Here’s what the builders had to say about their creations: 1. Every Heart Is Awesome by KristelWhitaker - “Every heart deserves to be treated with respect, whatever their shape or color or preference”. 2. Pride Parade Float by Icebat02 - “Everyone is celebrating love, diversity, and inclusivity with this parade float” 3. My LEGO Family by tsiligirl - “Having allies is very important because we all need support, encouragement, and love. Together we have found inclusion and acceptance, and we celebrate our differences” 4. Our Proud World by EsteratRemax - “This little family is built of humans who are beautifully and authentically their own version of themselves - unique and full of gradients and blends that bring their best colors out to shine with Pride” 5. Rainbow Rae by BradyJoynerBricks - “Rainbow Rae is here to celebrate Pride Month!” 6. Blast Off Pride Rocket by space_girl_production - “3... 2... 1... Pride OFF!” #LEGO #LEGOIdeas #Pride #LGBTQIA #EveryoneIsAwesome
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6 days ago
For Mandalore! Rebuild your favorite scenes from THE MANDALORIAN™ with these epic new set releases! 📸: @shundeez_official #LEGO #StarWars #AFOL #ToyPhotography #TheMandalorian
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6 days ago