Curious about Polis from Devir? Check out the play through tonight at 8pm GMT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIjyMO_RTLs #polis #boardgame
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2 days ago
Thrilled to see that The Lost Words Card Game made it into the BBC Wildlife magazine list of best wildlife games for kids! http://ow.ly/Iynp50HuAga #wildlife #boardgame #nature
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2 days ago
Interesting article here from @bbcnews https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-59950823 #boardgames #mentalhealthmatters #play #everyplayercounts #thursdaythought
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3 days ago
Something exciting is heading your way. Can you guess what it is from the gameboard?! #hint #choochoo #trains #boardgame #new #cooperative #fun #offtherails
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5 days ago
If you liked the original, Paris: Eiffel is a must-have addition that brings many more hours of fun to your Parisian nights. In this expansion we visit Parisian marvels such as the Arc of Triumph, the Luxor obelisk, the Louvre Museum, and obviously the Eiffel Tower. 8 new postcards that upgrade the replayability of Paris: La Cité de la Lumière, with new art by Oriol Hernandez. New monuments that add a 3D level to your game experience. Complete your experience with this must-have expansion to the two-player game that everyone is talking about. #paris #eiffel #2player #devir
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10 days ago
Wishing you all a fabulous, happy and healthy 2022! We have so much to share with you! All the best from your Kosmosgamesuk team
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16 days ago
Boxing day #rustlingleaves competition!
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21 days ago
It kind of feels like a #caturday ! Here is Minchin considering his dice options for #rustlingleaves . This lovely gateway roll & write will entice the whole family to the table this Christmas! #nature #art #boardgame #boardgamefamily #christmas #family #fun
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24 days ago
Fancy winning a bundle of #LostCities ? Tag a friend who you would like to go on an adventure with and post this giveaway to your story! We will pick a winner next Friday.
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1 month ago
Extended family visit = A morning of trying out new games! #boardgamefamily #Karak #dungeoncrawler #familyfriendly #sundayfunday
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1 month ago
We have been thrilled to see so many of you enjoying your Exit Advent Calendars. Please remember that not everyone opens their calendars on the same day as you. Please avoid posting spoilers. Thank you!
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1 month ago
Thank you @tabletop_gaming_magazine for including our fab Kosmos and @devirgames in your best of 2021 issue! #winner #boardgames
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1 month ago