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Your first @ owes you a pair. 👀 Find the Lance Collection on Kickstarter with eight designs that fuse tech and fashion 👓 🔹Link in bio🔹
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🕯️Tornado is an eco-friendly space heater and oil diffuser that safely keeps your space warm and smelling good! 🔥 Link in bio ⬆️
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19 hours ago
❌ Not a stain on me! 🤯 Woodies’ Stain Resistant Performance Shirt works overtime to keep you lookin fresh and clean. Link in bio 🔗
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🩺 For nurses by nurses! 👟 Forgano Customized Nursing Shoes allow you to design your own shoes for your next shift. 🔹Link in bio for more 🔹
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🥵 They call her SUZE!🔥 Find the reissued memoir of Suze Randalls on Kickstarter. 🔹Link in bio🔹
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❌ No more “What do you want to eat”? arguments! The I.D.K. Wheel helps you make tough decisions while having fun. 🌀Now on Kickstarter. 🔸Link in bio 🔸
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👠 FuchsiaPinks is launching its first heel design. Now on Kickstarter. 💗🌻 Click the link in our bio to pledge!
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🔥 Another one! Find the second Japanese Tattoo Enamel Pin collection on Kickstarter! 📍Link in bio! ✨
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🇯🇵 Views from Japan is a 250-page guidebook encouraging you to explore Japan like a local. 📖Link in our bio to back!
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🥘 The Holistic Pregnancy Cookbook 🥙🍗🍜🥑🥩 Functional nutritionist Torrie and food photographer and chef Eric created a cookbook for mamas and their families to eat well from pregnancy to postpartum. ⬆️ Link in bio to learn more! ✨
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How it's going ➡️ how it started! 🍣 Find these cute Sushi Crop Sweaters + sushi keychains and enamel pins on Kickstarter. ✨ Link in bio!
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🔐 Locked-in! 💪 The Hiplok 1000 Series is the world’s first anti-angle grinder lock for motorcycles, e-bikes, and bicycles. 🔹Link in bio for more! 🔹
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