pre save carry me merch link below
got some left over merch from tour. once these are gone they’re gone forever! buy 2 or more shirts and u get free buttons… and every order comes with a free sticker. love ya 🔗 in biology
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3 months ago
LADYBUG OUT NOW 🐞 my first full length album. made it with some great people. thank u to my brothers @keith_ten4_sorrells and @alexniceforo for exec producing it and always being down to get weird with me. shoutouts to the fans who rock with me no matter what and are here for the constant evolution and exploration of my mind 🖤 love u, CYA!
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9 months ago
cya hats available now! these are cream and black snapbacks with an embroidered cya patch and each one comes with an enamel jutes pin on it. also tossing in a free button pack with every hat order cuz yall deserve it. 🔗 in biology… anywayssss CYA
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1 day ago
im red da ba de da ba di
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2 days ago
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3 days ago
took me so long to get it right but happy I did it #carryme
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4 days ago
can anyone confirm? #carryme
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7 days ago
release date will be revealed when u presave. love yall 🖤 #carryme
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8 days ago
I love u more than u could ever know. My best friend soulmate fiancé. God was showing off when he made u, everyone was like iiii don’t think ur allowed to do that… remember the whole “no one’s perfect” thing? And he said sue me im god, then he made u. A perfect person. Anyways I can’t wait to marry tf outta u. Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful 😘😍🥰
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11 days ago
lucky guy
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19 days ago
bucket list activities
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23 days ago
been cookin up a new album… here’s some vibes might delete later who knows
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1 month ago
the older I get the more social anxiety I feel. gotta keep it moving though
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1 month ago
I was born to lose
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1 month ago
who u protecting at all costs? 3 2 1 go
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1 month ago
so this was chill
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1 month ago
why is singing and playing at the same time so hard? ah well here’s me practicing
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1 month ago
did yall know I was born to lose?
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1 month ago
was very sick this show but sometimes u gotta just belt it out n hope for the best
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1 month ago
who’s that person u would protect at all costs?
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1 month ago
tested this one out on tour before dropping it and it ended up being one of my favs to play
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1 month ago
dropped my first full length album, went on tour for the first time, signed my first pub deal, wrote on a #1 selling album, and asked my dream girl to marry me. what a trip. love y’all so much, happy new year 🖤
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1 month ago
born to lose out now 🖤 hope it was worth the wait. I’m also doing a very limited run of born to lose tees. pre sale will be up until January 8th then these shirts will never be available again. I also marked down the ladybug and tour shirts to 40% off. love yall. cya 🫡
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