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Brand strategy. Also working on a new concept: @superfieldtrip
Home base for some surf. @huckberry @elevenexperience
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3 months ago
As I look back on 2023, I’m glad I paused and really took the time to understand the opportunity of being both behind and in front of the camera. It’s like holding the key to humanizing a brand. As a director or producer or photographer, you craft the narrative; as a strategist you help them scale; as a model, you become the living embodiment of the very audience a company seeks to connect with. I’ll never take my work for granted. No matter what role I play for a brand, it’s always an absolute privilege. Photos are from campaigns with Stetson, Huckberry, and Foreign Rider. Shot by @taylorhoover , @a_souza_photo , and @tyler_ravelle (last two).
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1 month ago
Here it is. Solitude Of Fr.eedom A film with @foreignriderco about solitude, charting new paths, and taking a moment to see a world open with opportunities. As Rick Ruben says, “Listening, then, is not just awareness. It’s freedom from accepted limitations.” As I step into a season of pushing through past limitations, a season of building again, I cannot tell you how healing it was to ride for a few days in the PNW - with nothing to do but reflect on the wisdom of those who’ve carried me this far. To the friends, family, mentors, and teachers - cheers 🍻. @foreignriderco embraces the freedom found in exploring our creative, physical and mental limits. Thank you for having me . Film was perfectly produced by @vahna and captured by the brilliant @rjbruni
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3 months ago
Elliott for @foreignriderco .
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7 days ago
Thank you @foreignriderco for hosting me in Toronto for a few days. 🤘🏽
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25 days ago
Repost because this is much better than the phone edit I had previously done in the moment. From a recent trip out west with @foreignriderco .
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1 month ago
It was nice to be back on the California coast for a day.
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1 month ago
The canvas of endless horizons. Nothing like riding west along Route 66 and chasing the sun as you listen to the hum of train engines.
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1 month ago
Vegas to Joshua Tree to Malibu.
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1 month ago
Most worn watch in 2023.
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1 month ago
All I wanted for Christmas was to be on the front cover of a magazine and well, Santa came early! So grateful for that weekend this Fall with and @foreignriderco . It’s proven to have been such a pivotal few days during this season. @bengiese thanks for including me and being the kindest friend! ✨ @tyler_ravelle you nailed it brother. Congrats on the shot and cover. 😮‍💨 thank you for creating the space for this crew to make some magic. You’re changing the game man. 🤘🏽
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2 months ago
Chin up and head high. Find the light. Lots of reflecting lately on one wild year. Photo is from a recent trip to Iceland with @huckberry .
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2 months ago