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life and work of a Portuguese freelancing in Barcelona 3d and animation
Last weekend shades of blue in Mallorca with this pretty girl @lo.fercas
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1 month ago
Last random bits of an amazing week in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with friends, travel, work and chills (:
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1 month ago
Just had a really nice weekend building a snowman ⛄️
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3 months ago
Very happy to share the final result of this fun project made with a bunch of friends and amazing artists for the mental health therapy company Marvin! DIRECTED & PRODUCED BY – @clim_studio CLIENT – Marvin CREATIVE DIRECTOR – @clim_studio 2D CHARACTER DEV – @jonasmosesson + @shutupclaudia + @clim_studio CHARACTER MODELLING – @everfreshdesign + Albert Carruesco  CHARACTER RIG – @everfreshdesign 3D LOOK DEV – @jlucas_89 + @edgarferrer 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION – @russ_ether   3D CHARACTER POSING STATIC IMAGES – @herrerasaurus SECONDARY 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION – @herrerasaurus 3D SET DESIGN – @edgarferrer + @jlucas_89 + @clim_studio SFX: @qbsoundstudio #characterdesign #characteranimation #characterdevelopment #character #characterart #cganimation #cg #c4d #cinema4d #redshift  #satisfying #loop #3d #motiondesign #animation #design #creative #art #digitalart #instaart #motiongraphics #mgcollective #3d _animation_design #nft #howiseedatworld #designify _ #motiongraphicscollective #motionmate #motionmood #cgi
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3 months ago
2021 was faaaast and overwhelming! With lots of caffeine, friends, special people, a new house, anxiety, love ❤️ , nfts, houdini tears and excitement for what’s coming in 2022 :) Happy new year everyone! 💫
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4 months ago
Did some cool stuff with @found_studio for the Google Pixel 6 launch :) #cg #c4d #google #pixel6
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6 months ago
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6 months ago
Lanzarote just blew my mind 🤯
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1 year ago
What an year! Split in between three countries, with lots of new people, big twists, a pandemic, brexit🖕but still lots of positives and things to be grateful for :) let’s rock 2021 and make it incredibly good! Happy new year everyone! ❤️ #2020 #happynewyear
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1 year ago
And now for something totally different, had a lot of fun this afternoon playing around with my friend @rmayani illustration and bringing it alive in 3d with some lights and textures. Check his profile for more :)
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1 year ago