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@shadowandbone @havocfilm_ SOLARPUNK WITCH ☀️💣😽🌏🫧
last night @ vogue forces for change party 🤍 thankuu to gorgeous @hollyevawhite xxx wearing @mithridate.official 🐚
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Wowwww I’ve never been more nervous for anything in my life ~ surely you can’t tell ~ but yeah like many actors im secretly very shy and not used to public speaking as myself with something I’ve written, proud of myself tehe💀 also some authentic representation of the scatty and easily distracted ooops 🤍 huge thanks to @wolffolins @tedxwomen for inviting me, loved being surrounded by so many smart, kind & powerful women!! Xoxox
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@diesel SS24 Milan 🌧️💦 @hollyevawhite @theagencyaldocoppola 🪩
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🏝️ @amitasuman_
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a few more from Tori’s book launch celebration at @1hotel.mayfair #gift 🖤 “it’s not just you” xxx @toritsui_ !!! Thanks to everyone who came along🥂 love you all
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#ad 🌹 such a gorgeous weekend celebrating @toritsui_ - my wonderful clever angel friend and her new book “It’s Not Just You - how to navigate eco-anxiety and the climate crisis”😽 huge thank you to @1hotel.mayfair for having us to stay and throwing a beautiful event for Tori - the climate activists were out in force hehe love you all 🤍 and thank you all to everyone who came along to our talk last night @southbankcentre - a wonderful crowd with great questions and it was so nice to meet some of you after ~~ Tori - I am so outrageously excited for you, you have achieved so much and always with such humility, grace and love for those around you, I’m so thankful for your friendship - you have had such a profound effect on my life and I’m sure your book will do the same for whoever reads it!! So glad I could be by your side up on that stage 🤍 NOW EVERYONE GO BUY TORIS BOOK OKKKKK??? #itsnotjustyou 🌹 ps. Shout out to my mama for getting this dress made in Hong Kong in the 80s, vintage and 1 of a kind (and now mine 😈)
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@amitasuman_ & moi at the @ecoage @greencarpetfashionawards sharing the table dinner last night ❤️‍🔥 thanks everyone who came and special shout out to my love @toritsui_ whose book ‘It’s Not Just You’ is out TODAY!!
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Join @jessie_mei_li and I in conversation on July 16th at 7:30pm at @southbankcentre ! We’ll be chatting all things mental health & climate change, through the lens of Tori’s new book ‘It’s Not Just You’. After the event, come meet me and Jessie as well as different organisations who are working towards a climate just future 🌍✊ Link in bio to buy tickets for the event, or visit 💚 we hope to see you there!
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🌎 EXCITING NEWS!🌎 Tori and Jessie will be in conversation on July 16th, 7:30pm at Southbank Centre London! 💚 Please come join us to explore all things mental health & climate change through the lens of Tori’s new book, It’s Not Just You 💚 Tickets available here: /whats-on/literature-poetry/tori-tsui-its-not-just-you Or via @toritsui_ ’s link in bio
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💗 The most joyful night celebrating the incredible @mikaelaloach and her new book “IT’S NOT THAT RADICAL” 🌎☀️🌷 which is out TODAY. Go get yourself a copy immediately 💓💗💖💘💝💞💕!! -“This is a book for anyone who has ever felt doom, anxiety or powerlessness in the face of the climate crisis. Another way is possible” I started following Mikaela a few years ago whilst in the midst of a full blown climate anxiety meltdown - I felt so sad about the future and also like I had no idea what to do about it. Through following her I started to realise that there is hope out there, and community, and love, and joy in the climate justice movement. Her gift for communication and bringing people together drew me in, and I learnt so much, but mostly I finally felt like I knew how to look these issues in the face and know that we can do this. The fire was back in my belly 🔥 I consider myself so blessed to have managed somehow to find myself in your orbit Mik!! ☀️💛 it’s not often you get to hang out with people who have genuinely inspired you, especially not ones as outrageously cool as this one 🌸 So go buy my friends book (if you know what’s good for ya 👊🏼 💥 👊🏼 💥) !!!
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Alina & genya quest for vengeance - my quest for Alinas shu hair do - daisy ☀️- a fire - a throuples holiday (to church) - vasily and alina alternate universe marriage - “ooooooh!” - alina and her stockings - two loving wives - what do you think she’s showing them? 🫧 thanks for watching s2 😚 mwah xxx
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