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I first met @lynda.bostrom many moons ago when we went to @ringlingcollege together - she’s been one of my favorite artists ever since, and has become a dear friend too. This last year I hosted an #artistsway group for a small circle of amazing women, all of us stuck in one way or another in our creative paths. Lynda had given up art for a bit to deal with life things, and I had spent so much time creating for other people, that I forgot how to create for myself. Around the same time, @suehunt_ and @diggylloyd came to me to ask if I wanted to help start @rhizomagazine - a community of artists by artists with a podcast and a quarterly magazine. Knowing that I’m completely overloaded in my work schedule, I said yes anyway, because I knew it was something I needed more than anything - and Sue and Diggy have been amazing holding space for me as I navigate my schedule and my place in all of it. As it evolves, so do I, and I am more excited about what they/we are creating every day! This last year I’ve reconnected with my inner artist in various ways, one of which was painting flowers on my wall as a meditation of sorts. Lynda started creating art again (thank goodness!!!) too and when she sent me a photo of this piece with the blue woman, I knew I wanted it in my home, and as soon as it got here, I knew I wanted to photograph it on the #flowerwall as a collaborative submission for our fall issue, along with a little written piece - something I rarely include with my work but something I’ve been doing a lot more of this year. So many beautiful things are growing out of this amazing community and I am so honored to work alongside these women in creating a small space for magic in the madness of daily life. Being surrounded by and supporting a community of artists is the greatest gift. Artists have always been my people. 🎨💛We’ll continue accepting submissions for the winter solstice issue until the end of October, so if you have something you want to get out into the universe, head over to and check it out, and head over to the podcast to hear Sue’s soothing voice talk all things life and art.
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4 days ago
Just a cozy little #kitchennook waiting for it’s moment to shine. Always love shooting with @jamiehaller_____ who designs and restores the most special #craftsman #californiahomes
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6 days ago
I love this photo so I’m posting it. Creating with @abigailspencer / @countylineflorals is always a dream 🌸 #flowerstalking
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Official #dreamhouse (add it to the list of dream houses I’ve fallen in love with over the years). #santafe
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11 days ago
Major #kitcheninspo - shot at @desertwild_jt for @bed.threads styled by @k8leonardcreate in #joshuatree - behind the “cabinet” on the left is a well designed built in fridge and it’s so nice not to have to find creative ways to hide an ugly fridge in a photo. Also I live for Bed Threads table linens (and bedding, obv - it’s what’s on our bed too!) #shotbyjennapeffley
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I keep seeing this photo I took all over insta lately, so I figured I’d post it too! Shot at the LA home of @nateberkus and @jeremiahbrent on the most fun day with my dear @sacha.strebe and it remains #bathroominspo forever
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One of the most special things about getting to shoot the homes of so many well-known creatives/artists/humans is that I get to briefly experience an intimate part of a public person’s personal life - who they are when no one else is around - how they feel their most comfortable, what they want to be surrounded by when they decompress, when they celebrate, when they mourn. Home - a place where they don’t have to be anything for anyone else but themselves - something rare and sacred for people in the public eye. Some follow the latest trends. Some go minimal and neutral, some fill their homes with color and texture and memories and art. Some love to have status pieces showing their success. Some prefer sacred family heirlooms. There is no right or wrong. What one person might see as tacky or boring may be the source of great inspiration and joy for another. Everyone doesn’t have to love it, a home is meant for the person living in it. When I walked into @ddlovato ‘s home for our @archdigest shoot, every room had a completely different feel - a minimalist midcentury dining room, a wild creative “shroom room” den, a cheerful kitchen next to a moody great room next to a pink and green glam room next to a pop art inspired formal living room next to a wood paneled entry with a few key focal moments. The home was filled with special pieces and art from emerging artists and felt like an experiential expression of creativity - it didn’t hold back from trying different styles even if they don’t traditionally go together, which made it that much more interesting. I loved getting to see how / @kat_bell translated Demi’s spirit and vision into a home that felt truly unique to her. I loved getting to witness Demi’s excitement about having her home shot for #archdigest and being a part of that - because let’s be real - shooting for AD is a life goal (one I definitely don’t take for granted), but having your home shot for AD is a super life goal! (continued in the comments 👇 )
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18 days ago
Another fun one - @ddlovato shot for @archdigest (with assistant @jordan_jennings1 ) designed by / @kat_bell and story by @cozy.spice up on #archdigest today! As always thank you to @melissahmaria for trusting me to do my thing 💛#demilovato #celebrityhomes #shotbyjennapeffley
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@santakilim at golden hour 😍 #santafe
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19 days ago
It’s still summer in California (although I’m pretty happy to be missing that heatwave here in New Mexico - and also I’m on set today working and not sitting poolside like most people on Labor Day). Shot for @countylineflorals - one of my favorite things on earth is when I go to @abigailspencer and say “I have an idea” and I don’t even have to finish my thought, she just gets it, and then the next thing we know, there are bouquets of flowers floating on @petites_pommes pool floats and I’m standing on a ladder getting the shot. #flowersmakemehappy #poolday
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20 days ago
Forever favorite #colorpalette in one of my favorite places on earth #taospueblo - so happy it’s open again! The light here is just…dare I say…magical?
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21 days ago
#taos has been really bringing it this trip. Summer here always looks like a painting! Actually all seasons here look like a painting. This was the sky on my birthday - might need to print this one - definitely the feeling I want to bring into this year of life.
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