Masters of the Renaissance! This was a pleasant surprise to play at Geekway, and I talk about several fun mechanisms in today’s YouTube video (link in bio), including how you gain resources from this marble minigame. What’s your favorite game that features marbles? I also like Potion Explosion and Dimension.
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20 hours ago
Scroll through these photos and you’ll experience what it’s like for me to have a virtual game night on Board Game Arena with two cats in the room. These were all taken within a span of 10 minutes. How do your pets act when you’re on a video chat? (Also, games played were Similo and 6 Nimmt.)
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1 day ago
Camel Up (with Viticulture coins)! We had fun betting on these crazy camels on Thanksgiving. If you’re looking to enhance your games with our metal coins, make sure to order this week—holiday shipping is going to take longer than usual this year. #camelupgame
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2 days ago
Tomorrow (December 1) is the big preorder launch day for the Tapestry: Arts & Architecture expansion! It’ll go live on the Stonemaier Games webstore around 9:30 am CST, and our fulfillment centers are ready to start shipping so you receive it in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see photos of your creations when you get the expansion to the table! #tapestryexpansion #tapestryboardgame #tapestryartsandarchitecture #stonemaiergames Photo credit @timchuon
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3 days ago
Sushi Roll! I love the drafting mechanism even more every time I play this game. You can see which dice will be passed to you (you can plan ahead), but you’ll roll them when they arrive (there’s a chance you can roll what you really want). Brilliant! What’s another pass-drafting game where you know something about the “hand” you’re receiving? #sushirollgame
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4 days ago
Today I open my cabinet of secrets again to reveal stories (and their accompanying component samples) from the production process of My Little Scythe and Pie in the Sky. See link in bio for my YouTube channel. #mylittlescythe
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5 days ago
This week in cats, a peregrine falcon watches over Biddy while he snoozes. Meanwhile, Megan showcases the impressive floof of Walter. How were your pets this week?
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6 days ago
Fleet: The Dice Game! I finally played this engine-building roll-and-write game featuring custom dice at Geekway to the West, and I really enjoyed it. I share my favorite mechanism on today’s YouTube video (link in bio). What’s a recent game with custom dice that you enjoyed? #fleetthedicegame
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7 days ago
Unsettled! So many layers to the player mats and inserts in this survival game set on a variety of different planets. I played a friend’s Kickstarter copy recently and was really impressed by the care and thought that went into every aspect of production. Well done, @orangenebula ! #unsettledgame
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8 days ago
Imhotep! It’s been a while since I last played this game, but it was a delight to return to on Board Game Arena. There’s so much great tension between when you load your cube onto a boat (and where on the boat to put it) versus when to sail to a destination of your choice. What’s a modern classic game you recently revisited and enjoyed? #imhotepgame
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9 days ago
Solenia! This game completely caught me off guard—it’s a delightful contract-filling game. In addition to the ever-rotating board, it includes cards with holes in the middle (so you can see the benefits underneath after you play them)—how cool is that? What’s a game you’ve enjoyed with a tangible twist to the cards? #soleniagame
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10 days ago
Roll Player Adventure! Biddy is learning to wait patiently while we play through this absolutely incredible campaign game. We finished episode 5 recently, and I continue to be delighted by both the overt and subtle design choices in the game, as well as the writing. What campaign game are you playing (or hoping to play) right now? #rollplayeradventures #thunderworksgames
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