Jake Gyllenhaal

This picture of Mr. Stephen Sondheim, was taken during curtain call on the opening night of “Sunday in the Park with George.” I am grateful to have shared time with the master and maestro of American musical theater, and to have played his George. We have lost a giant. We will miss you. Rest In Peace.
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7 days ago
The Lost Daughter, a film by my brilliant sister @MGyllenhaal . In select theaters December 7 and on @Netflix December 31.
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1 month ago
We made this movie in 11 days. You made it a NUMBER ONE movie in 91 countries. #TheGuilty @NetflixFilm @NineStories @AntoineFuqua
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1 month ago
“This role would be perfect for Jake Gyllenhaal.” 🚩🚩🚩🚩 #TheGuilty
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1 month ago
Out on the open ocean this weekend. Learned almost everything I know about boating from filming the #PradaLunaRossaOcean fragrance campaign film, directed by @JohanRenck . The rest I learned from watching Pirates of the Caribbean. #PradaFragrances #OpeningNewHorizons @prada
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1 month ago
To our director, our fearless leader, @antoinefuqua : #THEGUILTY is a number one movie on Netflix. COVID almost made the film not possible, but you didn’t back down and ended up directing this entire film from a van! WTF. You’re a champ. You’re a beast. It’s an honor to work with you always. Out now everywhere on @Netflix .
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2 months ago
Get ready for #TheGuilty . Thank you @bosslogic for this poster and for reminding the world of my shitty posture. Out Friday on @Netflix .
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Theater creates a place for shared imagination. I’ve missed it over the last year and a half. Tonight, I’m excited to reunite with our @SeaWallALife team (especially the extraordinarily, intimidatingly, effortlessly talented and handsome Tom Sturridge — the bastard is SO KIND too 🙄 — and our brilliant director @CarrieCracknell ) at the #TonyAwards to celebrate Broadway and its reopening in New York City, the world’s great city of stories. Support the theater, if you can, however you can, wherever you can.
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2 months ago
THE GUILTY. Out worldwide in one week on @Netflix . @AntoineFuqua @NetflixFilm @NineStories #TheGuilty
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2 months ago
In two weeks #TheGuilty is out worldwide on @Netflix . Our incredible crew led by the great @AntoineFuqua made this movie happen amidst the global pandemic. I’m really proud of it. Can’t tell you what happens in it but I can tell you that for the second time he made me cut my man bun off. He did the same thing for Southpaw. I don’t know if I can ever forgive him, but I do know it was an honor both times. Evidence above. The Guilty premieres worldwide on @Netflix October 1, sans bun.
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