Social Gatherings..with some of my favorite ppl
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5 days ago
Flew back last month to shoot for the new @toyotatw Altis GR Sport x NBALab x Qoreware🔥🙏
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8 days ago
最近煩腦好特別每天都好多要搜尋..如何自己種花園,在家運動菜單,一天不動該喝多少水,睡多久才正常,怎麼烤雞不會烤焦 。好多煩腦🥺🥺大家平平安安 祝大家這幾天切菜小心
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26 days ago
Im good, im staying healthy, i been listening to alot of old Kanye and Alicia Keys..Especially that song “ everything Im not, made me everything I am”. The nostalgic kind that makes you feel so warm and cozyyy. Getting ready for a big big month ahead, How are you? 🤍
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1 month ago
March I doubled my workouts, got into yoga, started meditating, listening to jay shetty. I know these things dont really “change” a person, but i definitely felt a calmness that i knew i needed. Trying to understand myself a little more, accept that its really okay to have ups and downs, to be more compassionate, try to tackle stress with more patience. Letting go of things i cant control, focusing on doing the best on things i do have full control of. While everyone is going through different experiences, I understand it gets really hard sometimes , i hope we never forget to live life everyday with love. That genuine kind, to others but most importantly to yourself too ❤️ I hope we all win ❤️🙌☀️
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2 months ago
Best friends forever 💙
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3 months ago
Merry VDAY💙
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4 months ago
Every day, every one of us catches these beautiful moments.. reminds us we blessed to call this - life on earth ✨
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4 months ago
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4 months ago
cozy world
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4 months ago
Rematch? @lucasliu1219 🤣
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5 months ago
🤍🤍Thank you so much @fedtan i love them 😍🙏 switching my heels for these @ambush_official
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5 months ago