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Change is the act of trying to make someone or something different. It can come in many forms but the reason for it is often the same. One seeks changing in hopes of getting rid of the pain caused by the current situation. Let's start by shedding some light on making something different. The world has its long list of issues that needs someone to step up and try to make a change. Any attempt at changing a problem that the world is facing is truly heroic. But regardless of the magnitude of the attempt at change, it's the thought that counts. Donating money to charities, rescuing animals, giving blood, donating your organs after passing away or even cleaning your street. All of those are examples of how you can change a certain something. Helping in ending phenomenas like poverty or pollution is a form of change that contributes to making the world a better place. Changing yourself is a completely different story. As changing yourself requires pointing out what needs to be changed, why it needs to be changed and how will you change it? If you are a drug addict for example, you need to quit a certain drug. The reason being that it's truly damaging to your body and mentality. The way of changing is by having rehab until you fully get rid of that addiction. It can also come in changing a habit or a lifestyle. A habit that is holding you down or a lifestyle that is limiting your potential. Changing someone could be done in ways that are more simple yet effective. Telling someone that they are beautiful when they are insecure about their looks is a major example. That helps in making a change by giving them a boost of confidence that could be vital in overcoming that insecurity. Words in general could be really helpful in changing a person. You truly never know how much of a difference your words can make. To conclude, change is a great thing that could help change the world or the lives of some.It could be done in a lot of ways that require effort or simply by saying a nice thing to someone. However, that only applies if the change is done for the better and not vice versa. #SundayThoughts #SundayThoughts71 [ #TonyRobbins #Change #Writing #Writers ]
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Comment below what you do and your goals this year, and network 🤷🏽‍♀️. Here’s a time lapse of my first vs. latest Paint and Sip. I’ve learned a lot since my first and continue to try and out due myself each and every time! You must reflect on your mistakes even if they are cringe 😬 😩. Share this with anyone who needs that little nudge to get started 💫 Here’s some things I did for my first time due to inexperience/ not enough $ - #1 on my list, OVERBOOKED . There was no way I could fit 16 people in the small space I have😭 I think I made miracles happen that night 😂😩 I sold out 12 seats and opened 4 more and sold them, not realizing my space just isn’t capable of holding that many. I also had my best friend @brenda_robinson_ who booked me for a class, become my assistant that night because I was a one man show😭😭😭😭😭😭 -#2 Making sure you have enough supplies to get you through the day (I didn’t realize I was low on an important color 🤦🏽‍♀️but we made it through. I now check if I have enough colors at least a week prior so I can plan accordingly with school/work. -#3 Coming in EXTRA early to set up AND collect yourself after doing so. I was rushing and forgot I parked my car in front of valet with the hazard lights on💀 and yes I did get a ticket for that. Super grateful it wasn’t towed in front of the whole square 🙃I had my “assistant “ aka best friend park my car for me 😅 -#4 Know your physical limits and ask for assistance if needed! Don’t think you have to do it ALL on your own. Instructing, refilling paint AND being your own photographer is a lot of balls to juggle. -#5 not really a mistake, but I didn’t have $ for pallets at the time and used cardboard from the plant store. My first easels were BORROWED!!! and my cups for paint water were repurposed Starbucks cups I collected 🤷🏽‍♀️ A lot of people feel discouraged if they don’t have ALL the gadgets and whistles to start what they want to do , just start with baby steps. With the $ I earned, I did reinvest it on Paint & Sips supplies! It was a lot of sacrifice but I stayed firm💯 THE HUMBLE DONT FUMBLE. #motivation #inspiration #dowhatyoulove #paintandsip #love #greatness
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Here’s today’s thought: Numbers have started to trouble me. Specifically the numbers you see being counted on this post and on my page. These numbers, I’m finding, are steadily accruing the power to influence how I feel about my paintings. A high number = good painting, a ‘Phew! Thank goodness!’ painting. A low number = bad painting! Terrible painting! A ‘Why did you even make it?’ painting. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. I’ve seen lots of creatives on here talking about a recent steep drop in their numbers convincing them to abandon social media entirely – and I don’t blame them! I completely understand how difficult it is to feel like you are progressing when you are working hard, painting your best, writing posts you are proud of, and then it appears from the numbers that less and less people seem to care, or value, or are interested in what you are making! And who can keep up with these numbers with their insistence on productivity and consistency, built within a system that (I’ve read) prizes reels and video formats as more ‘rich and engaging content’? Now, I am not a skilled salesperson, or an influencer. I am not an actor or a presenter, or an editor, or a director. I am an introverted artist who believes that painting IS ‘rich and engaging content’ All by itself! And I don’t think I’m wrong in believing that! So, it feels important to reconcile myself with this new world of numbers. I don’t want to leave it, but also I really don’t want the numbers to be seen by me (or anyone else) as evidence of the quality of my paintings. A conclusion which, if entertained, will gradually erode my sense of validity and worth as a painter. Any thoughts? If so, I’d be delighted to read them. #artthoughts #thoughts #beseen #algoritmoinstagram #numbers #creativity #amwriting #questioning #landscapepainting #landscapepainter #painter #paintersofinstagram #skypainters #skypainting #lovetrees #loveart #loveartwork #lovepainting #protectyourenergy #shareyourwork #shareyourshittyart #sharingart #arty #artyfeatures
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Friendships are an essential element of our life. They facilitate life and make it more worthy of living. Friendships can not only be a lot of fun, but can also be helpful in plenty of ways. However, there's a dark side to them to be wary of. Let's discuss the roots of friendships. It's a bond that is formed between any two individuals — with often similiar mentalities — regardless of their gender, race, beliefs, etc. As time progresses, this bond grows stronger and becomes harder to break. Friends must go through ups and downs in order to ensure the continuity of their friendship. Friendships could be formed between different individuals belonging to different age groups, from two students in a school to two retirees. It has no age limit and it could have an age gap. Successful friendships are built on multiple key elements. Trust is a primary element, because a friendship that isn't built on trust will crumble very quickly. Honesty also matters because lying and dishonesty create a sense of doubt, which in turn breaks trust. Empathy is much needed, as a friend that understands us and listens to our problems without being judgemental is a true gift. Respect helps strengthen the bond, and respecting your friend and their differences ensures the continuity of this friendship. Support is being there for them at their lowest before their highest, because that's when you're most needed. Now, let's talk about the dark side of friendships. Not everyone that wants to create a bond with you has good intentions. Some of them might be too jealous of you and befriend you just to break you. Similiarly, there are "friends" that solely aim to use you. They form a temporary bond with you in order to gain a certain benefit, whether it's for your wealth, fame, or success. Once they get what they want, they break this bond. These are the worst types of friends, and it's best to avoid them completely. Last but not least, I advise you to pick your friends wisely, even if you end up with a few. It's better to have one loyal friend than a hundred snakes by your side. #SundayThoughts #SundayThoughts70 [ #J .WillardMarriott #friendships ]
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When a painting is a commission I can find it difficult to connect with because there is always the slightly constricting pressure of making it to please someone else. I’ve found that to release it from that feeling I need to trick myself into believing that on some small level that I’ve made this painting just for me. So here are the thoughts that helped me to make this landscape feel personal and then inspired me to name it, ‘Glory Days’: Summer memories will always be tied to the branches of the woodland that my brother and I played in across the road from my Granny’s house. Towering ancient beeches and squirrelled firs, paths that jink in and out of the pools of golden light and into shadow… Which one to take? Will it be the path that leads to a tomb that we shout inside and then run away from our echoes, half laughing, half terrified? Or what about the one that takes us to the avenue of rhododendrons lining the road to the mansion where the very old people mysteriously live? Or shall we steel ourselves and walk, eyes down, to step step step on the roots that rise up like snakes sliding alongside the chilly wall of the churchyard where our favourite lost Uncle lies? Maybe we’ll ignore the paths altogether and find the trees we use as signposts: the tree that dad swung on, broke off the top and winded himself, the tree that we know with a thrill that the real Helen Keller planted so long ago, the tree that my Grandad named after us with its just-high-enough-and-long-enough branch that you can sit on and look over the golf course like royalty. Out onto the hills that I should know the names of, out to the house where the gamekeeper keeps his peacocks, out to the pond where all the tiny frogs make their perilous journey across the fifth hole fairway, and where in winter the curlers will shout indistinct instructions in clouds of whisky into the icy air. Golden pools of light. Tree shadows. Imagination and memory mixed, and all as real as each other. Glory days. #goldenlight #goldenhour #goldenhourlight #glorydays #woodland #woodlovers #childhoodmemories #childhood #commissions #everypicturetellsastory #landscapepainting #treepainting #treelovers
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I feel sick since yesterday so I prepare exclusive remixes for my dj sets First one is Kendrick Lamar x ....👀👀👀 ? And the second one is Les Sins (@toroymoi ) x @gesaffelstein . Riot music 😈🔥
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#writerscommunity let me put this out there, you have rather unique chance where it's an #anthologysubmission -- @creativenonfictionpodcast type framework where the viral news stories are going to be #science driven #narrativejournalism provided @softpedia and @softonic can provide some of the finds for a word processor housed on a #flashdrive 📮 Discussion becomes a #hardtruth and a vast number who wouldn't even take this into consideration. I am going to ask a pointed question to @inspiredtowrite how would you see a perspective when the technology staring at you glaring in a mirror, when the reels on @weatherchannel shows what plays up -- the unselfish thing is joining an anthology when #longreads are the framework. Why would you ignore that kind of chance when there are vast numbers struggling in a #jobsearch or paycheck-to-paycheck? @unpublished.podcast why would you even want a no tech view when those like me who have a learning disability look ADHD shouldn’t be lumped with #autism because it is a learning disability that makes it difficult to enlist. Yet why advocating a no tech view on learning disabilities because it might have underlying issues.
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✨ no more overthinking. no more trying to fit someone else’s mold. MORE showing our true selves. yeah? we got this! 🤍
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It’s never to late to focus on your brand of magic. In a world that tries to strip away your magic, we are here to remind you that it is safe to let it out. Free your truth ✨ Thank you @inspiredtowrite 📸
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