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🌴🌼 Our giant blossoming Kaiju is able to speak! Their name (chosen by themself! Plants also have rights!) is Rex Florae! Look! They look so happy! Stay tuned, I may have heard that something big is coming next week! And don't forget to check the BGG forums here:
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4 days ago
🌻🦕 The sleeping forest awakes! As you may have noticed in our new year poster, some roots were growing. This time, we had 4 different names which we were thinking about during its design. Which one do you think we picked? Take a guess down below in the comments! Check the BoardGameGeek thread here:
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12 days ago
🎆🧨Happy new year from everyone at IELLO! We hope you will like every new games as much as we liked making them! Stay safe and enjoy your board game experience as much as possible! (If you take a look at the picture, most of our upcoming products are in it... can you find them? 👀)
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15 days ago
🧺 Little Red Riding Hood VS 🗡 Beowulf Who will be your #Unmatched pick ? Release scheduled for the third quarter of 2022 #unmatchedboardgame #unmatched #littleredridinghood #beowulf #iellogames #boardgame
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18 days ago
🦋🦿 Your new favorite butterfly landed on its name! And it is... MEGAMOTH 🤯 I am sure you can guess how we ended up with this one. Be sure to check @boardgamegeek to discuss it with other King of fans and don't forget that we could drop a new monster anytime! 👀 Don't forget to follow our facebook to not miss any King of news! And our facebook page for updates about our new games! #kingoftokyo #boardgame #iellogames #honeydipper #kaijumonster
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1 month ago
🎄🧑‍🎄Christmas is here, and with that, we wanted to give you a little something! 2 copies of Last Message! [GIVEAWAY CONTEST] happening on our facebook page! Check it out here: 👍To enter this contest, you need to like the Facebook IELLO World page, tag a friend and most importantly, find in this picture Space Pingouin, the monster from King of Tokyo! (Zoom in and take a screenshot. If you don't know what it looks like, there will be a picture in the comments 😉) The entries will close on december the 23th and the winners will get a free Last Message delivered directly to their mailbox! ❄️🍀Good luck everyone! #contest #giveaway #kingoftokyo #lastmessage #iellogames
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1 month ago
🦋🦿This time, it is from the air that our new monster comes. We do not know if he runs faster than he flies, and it is not important right now. We settled on these 3 names and only 1 of them is correct, what is your guess? You can check the @boardgamegeek thread here: #kingoftokyo #boardgame #iellogames #honeydipper #kaijumonster
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1 month ago
🗽Get on Board everyone!💂 Who is going to drive their way through New York and London in the most efficient way, getting studients, grandma's and tourists along the way, across the city? Check the @boardgamegeek page to get updates and discuss with other players! Release expected for Mars 2022. Edit: Community management is "work in progress" 🚌 #bus #newyorkcity #london #boardgame #tabletopgames #getonboard
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🛠️🌿Produce and Trade your resource cards to become the most influent merchant of the valley! Check out Little Factory, a 2 to 4 players card game happening in the Little Town universe! #tabletopgames #cardgames #enginebuilding #boardgame #iellogames
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1 month ago
Did you ever get an unexpected loss? Tell us in the comments bellow! This illustration comes from For the King (and Me), one of our last release!
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1 month ago
💛 We are proud to anounce you that Kitara and Schotten Totten 2 have been rewarded at the 2021 UK Games Expo! 🏆 Best New Board Game American Style – Judges Award & People’s Choice Award: Kitara 🏆 Best New Card Game Strategic – Judges Award: Schotten Totten 2 #boardgame #ukge #ukge2021 #ukgamesexpo
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