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: Hidden Lies by Rachel Ryan : A brilliant psychological thriller book which gave me goosebumps from start to finish. The story is about a grieving daughter Georgina who lost her mother recently. Georgina is a wife and a mother. Her marriage is facing some challenges and the couple is still trying. Then, suddenly her young son Cody claims to meet his "Grandma" , who is presently dead and he behaves like it's pretty normal. As the story goes the worried mother, Georgina experiences many unsual circumstances and many plot twists came across till the end of the book. (Don't want to give any spoilers really 😅) Personally, I felt like an awesome horror movie which you normally watch when you want feel scared but also want to think about it in your head. The book was a great weekend read ❤️ Can't wait to read more from the author 😃 #thriller #weekendreads #reading #bookstragram #bookstagrammer #readersofinstagram #bookaddict #bookrecommendations #booklover #bookstagramuk
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I have read the book before , now looking forward to watch the series as well! Can't wait 😁 #theessexserpent #bookstagram #adaptation #bookrecommendations #booklover #bookaholic
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Happy International Book day everyone 📚 "If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book." ____J.K Rowling Since childhood, my father always pushed me towards reading books, we used to visit book fairs, libraries. My father is an avid reader, he reads all the time! But as a child till 3rd yr of my college life, I never really understood "why does my father read all the time?" Or "why does he kind of force me and my brother read all kinds of books?". Yes, I was never a reader! For me reading books was something utterly boring and no fun! My parents tried to keep us around books but lastly they gave up! Then one day my father said to me, "You will start reading one day, when you will feel from the inside that only a book can save you from this world, until then feel free to ignore them." He was right! (As always). I started reading while pursuing 3rd year of my computer science studies , shocking everyone (because , nobody ever seen me with a book which is not related to my syllabus). And I never stopped. It's the only addiction I have (except coffee). Therefore, Yes. You are a non-reader until you find your "the book". Mine was "Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill" and "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson" Happy reading ❤️ #internationalbookday #bookday #worldbookday #bookstragram #bookstagrammer #fridayvibes #readersofinstagram #bookaddict #bookrecommendations #booklover #bookstagramuk
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A Hindi travel book by @manavkaul19 A beautiful book finished recently. Every line touched my heart and had a little reunion with my past self! It was indeed a special read! #friday #bookrecommendations #bookstagram #booklover #easter #bookaholic
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Whenever I go for my weekly shopping , my eyes first go to the book section and a war between my heart and brain starts simultaneously. Although the scientists would say differently, they most likely agree if I say "A war between emotion(Heart) and Reason(brain) inside the frontal lobe of my brain" The first thing I do is, check if there is any new title or new release. Also, I scrutinize if any title is misplaced or not. Sometimes , people place different title in the column front and I like to fix the situation. Trust me, I do! Most of the time. Then the "war", should I buy the book(Books) or not? And somehow I manage to take myself away from the book section while affirming "One day, I will have enough money to buy books as much as I want" Finally, I click a few pictures of the section, this gives me a satisfaction, that "At least , I am taking something with me, if not the books" ____Chandrima Ghosh ( 18/03/2022) #bookstragram #bookstagrammer #fridayvibes #readersofinstagram #bookaddict #bookrecommendations #booklover #bookstagramuk
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My favorites fictional male characters these days ❤️❤️ My childhood crush always has been "Harry Potter" 😜, then I read"Love hypothesis" , where "Adam "was just "Woww". "Gus" and "Tru" stole my heart during college ❤️ Recently reading "All souls " trilogy and "Matthew" is literally my most favorite vampire character ever!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #fictionalcharacters #bookstagram #harrypotter #thefaultinourstars #nicholassparks #discoveryofwitches #lovehypothesis
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Happy women's day to us ❤️ Featured books : 1. Postscript by @official_ceceliaahern 2. Shadow of night by @debharkness 3. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen 4. The testaments by @therealmargaretatwood 5. After you by @jojomoyesofficial 6. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer 7. Here and now by @santamontefioreofficial 8. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling Happy reading ❤️ #happywomensday #womensday #happyreading
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"Hourglass" by @keiran23 Released 3rd March, 2022 A Binge worthy novel , the words will make you laugh , annoyingly relatable. This book has its own unique style of reaching to people. I am absolutely recommending as a quick weekend read ❤️ And Good Luck to the author. #bookrecommendations #bookstagram #booklover
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I get to LOVE you ❤️ #love #romanticbooks #romance
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So I read a book, or may be two or three!!! #tangled #goodnight #adiscoveryofwitches #booklover
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"Delilah Green Doesn't Care" by Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake : A perfect book for this Valentine's day ❤️ Delilah Green is a photographer in New York, who believes her life is enough and there is no reason to look back to her lonely childhood. But fate hits her and she reaches to Bright falls to shoot her step sister's wedding. Bright falls , a place Delilah used to call home. And then she met Claire, soon everything changes. A beautiful rom-com of two women, giving their lives chances which they never thought before. Thank you so much @littlebrown , @clarahdiaz for the book, truely loved it! The book is releasing on 22th February, 2022. Happy Valentine's day everyone ❤️ #valentinesday #valentines #romanticbooks #romcom #bookstragram #bookstagrammer #readersofinstagram
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