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High ranking articles are the key to success in elevating your brand image on Google and letting people know you mean business. We will do it all for you, writing, editing, and publishing. To get started all you have to do is send us a DM right now! 🔑
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We often tell HighKey clients about the power of reinvesting in their own brand. One of the biggest lessons we learned from starting our first company was how important it was to reinvest our earnings back into our personal brand to drive even greater growth in the future. 📈 We are now reaping the rewards of building up our brand through high-level digital publications and online media. Investing in your brand is the single decision you can make to ensure you have long-term branding power today, tomorrow, and well into the future. This is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about helping our clients level up their brand because we know how valuable it is to businesses and we’ve seen the insane results it produces. 🔥 Thank you @gritdaily for the article feature. Read full article here: /luke-lintz-talks-about-founding-highkey-enterprises-with-his-two-brothers/
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If you want to drive new business into your company, you absolutely NEED to be utilizing high-level press. 📈 Why waste your money and time trying to establish an SEO strategy within your company when massive publications have already done that work for you? Building an elite personal brand with high-ranking press not only is an SEO hack, but it also creates immediate trust between you and your future customers and investors. Your name can be searched up anytime, anywhere, and the first thing people will see is high-level press published about you. 🥇 You won’t believe how fast business will pick up when you connect your brand with well established digital platforms! 🔥 If you’re ready to level up your brand, send us a DM! 🔑
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I always get asked "What does @highkeyagency do?" We are a public relations firm that levels up the top 1% of brands. We take people from zero to 100 with their brand. I can say first hand that I have invested over $6 Million into our HighKey brand with press, celebrity partnerships, social media content and influencer campaigns. You can quote me on this: "Your brand is the only part of your business that separates your offering from a commodity. Your brand is the only way to build trust with a prospect without taking to them on the phone. And your brand is the most valuable part of your business."
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⚠️ STOP! If you’re a business owner or in the top 1% of your industry, you NEED to stop scrolling and listen to this video! Don’t let traditional press companies fool you. We know all too well how easy it is to burn money working with traditional PR agents and see ZERO progress. That is why we set out to be different when creating HighKey Agency. 🔑 If you want to see real results, send us a DM! 📱
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Instagram has been receiving some major backlash on recent changes they have made to the platform and even A-list celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, have joined in on the protests. We shared our insight with Glamour and Yahoo about what this all means for Instagram and how these changes to the platform could massively impact users like the Kardashians’. Thank you to @glamourmag and @yahoofinance / @yahoonews for featuring us in your story. What are your thoughts on the recent changes to Instagrams platform? Comment below 👇 #instagram #article #featured
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“It&#039 ;s a big-time crisis point where Instagram has more media than ever being published on their platform, less viewership than ever, and they have the biggest people on their platform calling them out about making Instagram great again, like Kim Kardashian. I don&#039 ;t think they&#039 ;ll be able to turn it around.” - Luke Lintz Read full article on Media Post: /publications/article/376518/instagram-is-having-an-existential-crisis-what-sh.html
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It&#039 ;s been an absolute pleasure working with @theofficialjeremyalanjones earlier this month on some Artist press articles and ranking Jeremy&#039 ;s name higher in the Google search engines. Looking forward to our continue work together 🤝 We are going to start posting a lot more testimonials from our thousands of clients 🚀
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One of the BEST ways to GROW on IG is with GIVEAWAYS 📈 Through this business model, absolutely everyone is winning. It’s a no brainer! 🏆 @highkeyclout is the perfect example of how giveaways can lead to scalable growth. 🔑 DM us to skyrocket your brand today! 🚀
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