I’m Sandy, the creator of HappyPause Balm. HappyPause won’t make menopause disappear, but it helped me get my groove back. Also @thepowertoriseabove
The Power to Rise Above first copy was created at the printers today, on the Super Moon. The artwork that formed our cover by Eastern Kuku Yalanji artist Sheryl J Burchill is titled Kija, which translates to moon. No matter what you’re going through, you are as powerful as the moon. Even when you think you can’t, you can. A deep power will well from within and you will rise. Here’s our editor Sandy Davies alongside co-authors Lesley Van Staveren and Tahlia O’Brien celebrating this incredible project coming to life and taking flight. You have THE POWER TO RISE ABOVE. You are not defined by the behaviours or malice of others. Be your strong capable resilient bloody brilliant kick-%$# self! If you’re in Southeast Queensland, drop in at the Logan Writer’s Festival to celebrate our soft launch with us Sept 9-10 Huge shout out to anthology legend Bek Paroz for ensuring that Sandy getting completely knocked down by COVID and an ankle injury didn’t stop us getting this incredible book across the finish line to the printers on time. You rock!!!!! @thepowertoriseabove @lesley_vanstaveren @kukubaka_4pillars #thepowertoriseabove #rise #powertorise #powertoriseabove #youvegotthis #resilientwomen #strongwomen #kukuyalanji #fnq #fnqlife #fullmoon #supermoon #togetherwerise #ourstories #womenwriters #newbook #happinesswithin #courage #brave #resilience #supermoon #powerofthemoon #dragonfly
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What started out as a mission to help even one other women get her groove back during perimenopaouse has turned into the most beautiful community of thousands of women all over the globe getting their groove back in perimenopause, thriving through menopause and swearing by HappyPause™ Balm in postmenopause, too. And then there's our cancer warriors, triathletes, swimmers, early meno, and endo women who love HappyPause. Even if you think you don't need it, a few days of adding vulvovaginal moisturising into your routine and you'll wonder how you ever got on without it. One of my favourite customers is in her 80s. She's struggled with mircotears and skin irritation ever since perimenopause. She gave up swimming in her 50s because the pool chemicals caused itching down there. Since discovering HappyPause she's back in the pool almost daily. Don't let dryness hold you back from doing the things you love. I can't say it enough, IF WE FEEL GOOD DOWN THERE, WE FEEL GOOD EVERYWHERE! C'mon get happy! #happypause #thankyou #ilovemycustomers #womensupportingwomen #womenshealth #menopauserelief #sensitiveskin #vegancertified #awardwinning #tryit #cmongethappy #gethappy #over50andfabulous #swimming
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Boom! Feedback like this is my WHY. I started the HappyPause™ journey with the hope of helping one other woman navigate perimenopause and know that she was not alone. Now here we are thousands of women down the track, providing a life changing solution to dryness and making it easier to thrive. We deserve to feel [email protected]#$%ng fantastic! And I truly mean it when I say, 'If we feel good down there, we feel good everywhere!' Thanks to Jess way over in WA for this incredible feedback and allowing herself to be vulnerable and share that isolation and frustration that often accompanies menopause to assure others that we are not alone. Make preservative free award winning vegan certified HappyPause™ Balm your solution, too. Link to shop in comments. #menopause #perimenopause #sensitiveskin #vegan #vegancertified #womenshealth #feelfantastic #customerfeedback #happypause #midlife #over50andfabulous #youvegotthis #preservativefree #bethechange #makeadifference #tryit #MenopauseRelief #feelgreat
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The Happy Hug The last few years with both this HappyPause™ and the journey of creating our @thepowertoriseabove book have been a dream come true. For those of you who know the peace and contentment that fills the room whenever our candle The Happy Hug is lit, I'm heading up deep into the Daintree Rainforest today to reconnect in person with the Melbourne based parfumier and founder of The Olfactory Dept @olfactorydept who created our signature scent while they're back up here in paradise. Discover what all the fuss is about, see link to purchase The Happy Hit + Balm in comments below. Take the risk, do what you love, and let your intuition guide you onto the path meant for you. #daintree #ylangylang #selfcare #happyhug #hugyourself #olfactory #womenshealth #happypause #tropicallife #fnqlife #followyourbliss #dowhatmakesyouhappy #leapoffaith #believeinyourself #liveyourdreams #makeadifference #candle #amazingscent #signaturecandle #fillyourhomewithjoy #peace #contentment #smellslikeahug
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It is such an honour to give back and celebrate the successes of amazing women throughout Australia by being a judge in this year's @ausmumpreneur Business Awards. I loved taking home a One to Watch Award last year alongside Jo Sains @kick_asswomen & Mel James and can't wait to champion other equally incredible women this year. The AusMumpreneur Awards are presented by @thewomensbusinessschool to celebrate and recognize Australian women in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as product development, customer service and innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family. Judging commences this week and the winners will receive their awards at a gala dinner 1st September 2022 at Dockside L'Aqua @docksidegroup in Darling Harbour in Sydney. Lovely to see these events returning to in person celebrations. Huge shout out to the incredible Far North Queensland sisters behind the creation of Ausmumpreneur Peace Mitchell & Katy Garner! #giveback #celebratewomen #judging #womeninbusiness #togetherwerise #happypause #ausmum22 #ausmumpreneur #awardsjudge #givingback #makeadifference #celebrateotherssuccess #womensupportwomen #dockside #fnqlife
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Do you have the latest issue of @womenbeyondforty Magazine yet? Head over to her bio to subscribe so you never miss an edition. I love this magazine. Fresh. Our voices, our way. In my article Menopause Isn't Always to Blame, I write about assuming my sleeplessness was caused by meno when in truth it was caused by my moral compass freaking out because of the behaviours of a bullying boss. I never should have doubted my intuition. I even share a little reminder from my favourite 1970s Olympian, Dorothy Hamill. Its a great read-- get your copy today. I can't wait for Issue 8 of Women Beyond Forty! #wb40 #womenbeyondforty #over40 #over50andfabulous #menopause #womensmagazine #trustyourintuition #perimenopause #sleeplessness #happypause #antibullying #youvegotthis #dorothyhamill
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I'm so thrilled that HappyPause is a finalist in the inaugural @beammagazineaustralia Women to Watch Awards. Thanks to the judges for their time and expertise. The customer who nominated me made my heart overflow. She wrote, 'Sandy has created a natural product that has been overlooked. Why wasn't it there? It is a must for every woman, beyond menopause, too. I can't believe there wasn't a natural non-toxic non-prescription product out there before Sandy. ' If you're struggling with concentration in the afternoon at work or get fidgety, you might be impacted by dryness without even knowing. Give our magic HappyPause ™ Balm a go. Discover what other women now can't live without all across Australia, and more and more across the globe, too. I'd be remiss if I didn't shout out two other Beam Magazine Women to Watch 2022 Finalists: @lisa_westgate_ and Sandy Lowres . Lisa from The Misfit Hub and Sandy from @womenbeyondforty & @thegoodgirlconfessional Podcast are the two women responsible for me entering awards with our HappyPause business. They had so much joy in taking home @roarsuccess Awards in 2020 (FYI the founder of Roar Success Dee Stearman is also a BEAM Woman to Watch Finalist.). Behind the scenes they encouraged me to enter the 2021 ROAR Awards for the Wildcat of the Year, which I won- woot! woot! I would never have considered entering any awards whatsoever if not for these two stellar elevators of others. When I talk about women supporting women and together we rise, it is genuine and based on lived experience with incredible women like Lisa & Sandy. Beam shines a light on women who have made a significant contribution to mentoring or being role model to other female professionals in the business world and I am Finalist! Beam Magazine Woman to Watch 2022 winner will be announced at Rydges Southbank, Brisbane on the 9th September 2022. #businessawards #womeninbusiness #leadership #makingadifference #womenshealth #happypause #inspirationalwomen #womensupportingwomen #togetherwerise #womenbeyond40 #over50andfabulous #thepowertoriseabove #sacredpromise #courageandconfidence
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You are resilient. Rise above the pettiness of others. I know it’s easier said than done sometimes. I know it’s exhausting if you’re a strong person & you have to continually prove that strength to others. But when you get again find yourself in one of those situations with others who are full of bile and anger, be glad you are not as miserable as them. Their rudeness denigrates themselves, not you. #resilience #riseabove #ageism #confidence #over50 #midlifewomen
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YYyyyyyyyeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't live without HappyPause. And the only thing better than that realisation is when others discover it, too! Over 70% of us will experience dryness at some point over the age of 40, but most of us just endure it. A little magic pearl of HappyPause in the morning makes such a huge difference. Just like Mandy from Kavu Clothing says, you don't know how much you need it 'til you try it. Natural, preservative free, vegan certified, small dose and genuinely poured with happiness to help others. Bliss! 💞💞@kavuclothing 💞💞 #menopauserelief #dryness #sensitiveskin #menopause #perimenopause #chemo #positiveageing #livingyourbestlife #womensupportingwomen #over50andfabulous #radiantageing #womenshealth #veganhealth #nonasties #midlife
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I'd never felt isolated in my life, until menopause. Lack of regional/rural support from my GP and local pharmacists made me feel like an island. As a result, HappyPause™ was born. Although not rural, Faith Agugu, founder of @silversirens_redefiningageing had a similar experience during perimenopause which led her to build the Silver Sirens community. @kathy.lette also has a powerful menopause message. And great news--- Kathy is a part of the line up for this year's Silver Sirens Redefining Ageing event on 1 October in Sydney at the MCA. I'll be there. Hope you will, too! Together we rise! Kathy will be speaking on the topic of Sexuality Beyond 50. Kathy is based in London and will be joining the Redefining Ageing day remotely. We will be pre-recording the interview. So, as this is a group effort, if you are attending the event and want to pose a question for Kathy that relates to the topic of Sexuality Beyond 50, send your question to faith@silversirens.org before the 10th of August. The most intriguing questions will be added to the list. We hope to see you there! In Person Tickets: /event-details/silver-sirens-re-defining-ageing-2022-in-person Virtual tickets: /event-details/silver-sirens-re-defining-ageing-2022-online #silversirens #ageinggracefully #healthyageing #agelessstyle #redefiningageing #50andfabulous #empoweredwoman #timelessbeauty #agelessstyle #silverstrands #ageingbydesign #agingbydesign #positiveageing #kathylette #happypause #over50andfabulous #womensupportingwomen #postmenopause #menopause #resilientwomen
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There are magical women on this planet who guide us, inspire us, heal us with their words, embrace us, give us courage, remind us who we are. Oprah's favourite guest of all time @tereraitrent is such a person. I shook with honour and glee when asked to be one of the women to come together from across the globe to share our sacred promises at Dr Tererai's feet. I loved writing my chapter ad astera per aspera - To the Stars Through Difficulties and sharing stories about my brother who we lost to suicide at 39, growing up, resilience, and our inner strength. Our copies have arrived today. Thank you to all those who preordered who patiently awaited their arrival. And with my current ankle injury stopping me driving, thank you to each and every friend here in Far North Queensland who offered to drive packed orders to the post office during the past few weeks. It has indeed taken a village as I recover. A huge thank you to my hubby today for taking two overflowing IKEA bags of signed books and orders to the post office. Woo Hoo Women have the capacity to transform, change, achieve things for the better of humanity. Tererai and each of us co-authors tapped into that fountain of feminine and collective intelligence and emotions to create this anthology. It is a testimony of resilience, the courage to overcome, to say yes to life whatever the hurdle. Dr T leads the way, walks the path and we followed her knowing that she would give us wings to fly. Sacred Promise is an invitation to be the hero in our own life journey. Thank you @thewomenchangingtheworld Press and all who made this come to life. Foreword by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer Proceeds from the sale of Sacred Promise go to educational opportunities for young women in Zimbabwe and around the globe through the @tti_foundation If your signed copy wasn't one of the ones being posted today, order yours here (link in comments below) #sacredpromise #tereraitrent #elizabethgilbert #awakenedwoman #eatpraylove #newbook #adasteraperaspera #kansasborn #tropicalwriters #womenwriters #resilience #selflove #courageandconfidence #suicideprevention #adastera #adasteraperaspera
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I'd been looking forward to giving an in person lecture for the TAAHC's Women's Health Forum for weeks and weeks, but COVID and an immobilising ankle injury felt otherwise. One of the silver linings to come out of the pandemic is that we now validate remote participation as equal to in person. So thankful I was still able to particpate and share regional insight into the perceptions of menopause. We should never be made to feel shame or feel less than for our peri/post menopausal symptoms. This truly is our time to thrive. Don't let dryness hold you back! Add vulvovaginal moisturiser into your daily routine and you'll notice a difference straight away. #menopause #over50andfabulous #timetothrive #medicalgaslighting #womenshealth #ruralhealth #dryness #vegancertified #preservativefree #liveyourbestlife #positiveageing #ageism
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