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what a fantastic start to the weekend folks
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14 days ago
If you liked the tarts at Sophie’s birthday, they were by @oxford.chef !
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1 month ago
Kew Gardens new favourite not-free place #kewgardens #visitlondon #temperatehouse
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1 month ago
more gothic arches content this time obtained for FREE.99
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1 month ago
Every living person in Bristol came out to see the sun vibes
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1 month ago
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2 months ago
it’s giving middle school
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2 months ago
Tropical girls eating ice cream outside when it’s 12 degrees. Achievement unlocked 📷: @fatpohtato
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2 months ago
really need the blue skies to come back anytime now Oxford?!?!
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2 months ago
“What the —— is Brasenose” - someone in the class of 2021 group chat
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2 months ago
Thanks Subashan for LMH lunch and tour!! TIL Nigella went here
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2 months ago
Class got cancelled. Q literally hopped on a train to London, took my meetings on the road, did my essay a city over, texted Cat to come hang, and went to see the first opera on my list thanks to Ziyi’s tickets 💛. La Bohème isn’t without its problems (as with most if not all opera) + also as much as i’d be cautious not to romanticise the struggles of the characters, it’s a lot easier to enjoy a work that doesn’t glorify aristocracy or present an orientalist gaze. Stan MUSETTA one very rare occasion in which a female character with agency is neither punished for it nor reduced to her loyalty to a man as her main virtue. Quando m’en vo is just Puccini’s WAP do not change my mind
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2 months ago