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I spent a lot of time in the bed last year. My therapist said that sometimes when you’re going through a major life transition the body demands sleep. Rather than to fight my body, I chose to listen to it. It’s the only body I have. Thin. Brown. Imperfect. Perfect. So I wanted to let it be healed and let it be whole. And it is. I am mostly healed and mostly whole. But most of all, I am so thankful. For the rest. For my community who checked in on me while I slept. If you need sleep. Don’t fight the cocoon. On the other side of it—wings. 🦋 📸 @davidvelduque
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😭 no words. thank god for YOU 🔪❤️‍🔥
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The chickens are getting pissed. #wgastrong #dothewritething
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I have always been my own stylist—but I have always relied on my friends in high places. 🚀 Thank you to the team at @ferraristyle & @platformpr for making me feel beautiful for the NYC Genius: MLK/X premiere last week. Jumpsuit: @ferraristyle Coat: @sandraweilstudio Boots: @stevemadden Glasses: @lgrworld Grooming: @jalberto.glammeup Hair: The West African ladies in Harlem 🇸🇳👸🏿 Special thanks to @javirit & @planetofmarco 💞 Genius: MLK/X now streaming on @hulu & @natgeo #blackhistorymonth #bayardrustin
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The role of a lifetime: Bayard Rustin. The joy of my career. GENIUS: MLK/X. Now streaming on @natgeo @hulu B L A C K H I S T O R Y M O N T H #blackhistorymonth #bayardrustin #mlk #malcolmx ✊🏾
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It’s okay to disconnect for a while. The world feels chaotic. I’ve been so sad about it. Needed to remind myself that there are still good people everywhere. That love wins. That “travel is the enemy of prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness…” Te quiero Madrid. The disconnect was worth it. 🫶🏾🇪🇸
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The strike almost took me out! The worst thing for artists is to be forced to sit still. Stay quiet. The Hollywood strikes were violent for so many of us. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Financially. So when my college classmate and best friend of 20+ years called and said “Griffin, it’s time to get up” I hopped a flight to NYC to exercise my hidden talent for design and practice my artistic pivot. What I learned in those 7 days: 1. I love my friends. 2. No one & no strike can silence us. 3. We are more than just actors/writers. We are artists onscreen and off. 4. Say YES. Life will surprise you. 5. @facebookmarketplace , @etsy , Flea markets are a sustainable gold mine of treasures. 6. Do not be afraid to PIVOT. 7. NYC is tough, but NYC is magic. Speakeasy dressing room designed for Leslie Odom Jr. using only vintage and secondhand finds. Leslie is starring in Purlie Victorious on Broadway. You cannot miss this show. Its message of “black liberation” is performed to perfection by an insanely funny and soul-stirring cast. His performance is stunning! I cannot stop thinking about Ossie Davis’s poignant words written in 1961: “we want our cut of the Constitution, and we want it now. And not with no teaspoon, throw it as us with a shovel!” These words. This strike. This country full of union workers demanding liberation from corporate giants. The fight is far from over. Make art. In the light…and even in the dark. 💫🪧 Photos by: @joshdrake.pdf Photo asst: @anthonychatmonjr Painting: @leonardmaiden Special thanks to: @popuphome @unrepd @purliebway
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When @griffinsthread and @abigailspencer went to San Francisco to stay at @fairmontsanfrancisco for the weekend it went a little something like this…👯‍♀️
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V-day Rom Com IS NOW LIVE on @netflix 💞 #yourplaceormine Answers to FAQ: 1. Reese is a dream. 2. Ashton is a Zaddy. 3. Zoe is one of the best we’ve got. 4. Jesse is 🆘 5. Tig is Tig. 6. Vella & I stormed the mens room bc the line for the women’s is entirely too long. 🚽 7. If you don’t want your shirt to wrinkle before you arrive…take it off. @abmck could not love you more thank you for putting me in this 💎 Hair: @artur_tl8v Grooming: @facesrmycanvas Fit: @gucci @kingandtuckfield
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The gay farm chicken content you need! Make a plan. Buy some chickens. And V O T E. 🗳🐓🏳️‍🌈 @yourfellowamericans 🇺🇸
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“OH MY GOD! Is the hag convention in town?” This is why I love the hell out of Luke. All episodes of @shehulkofficial are now airing on @disneyplus 🪡💚🪡
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