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Mythical creature floating around central Jersey. 🌿 DM for booking. I also play bass 🎶 Add me on Tik Tok @ karaforestnymph 🌿 backup @greeneyednymph2_
Will I be forgotten when I open my eyes? 🤍
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21 hours ago
Foto Fact Friday: At this moment I was thinking about food. 🌿
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1 day ago
I’d be happy to be a villain 🦹🏼‍♀️
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2 days ago
Baby you’re out of control so you’re under my control 🌿
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5 days ago
Be my light 🌿
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6 days ago
Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to go, let’s start now 🌸
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12 days ago
Foto Fact Friday: I suppose you could say this photoshoot led to my first ever "drama" as a model. I had been asked to model for an upcoming clothing designer. They asked me to do some yoga/contortion poses while wearing some of the clothes. When I got the pictures back, they had edited my body to be (This picture is an original so this is what it's supposed to look like). I don't suppose they've ever seen a woman in a backbend before, but even if you are curvy, things naturally flatten out as you stretch your torso. I was furious, and told them that if they published the enhanced photos I would take legal action. They did not publish the photos, and dropped me from their model contact list. I have no regrets. 🌿
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15 days ago
Meet again at the next strawberry moon 🌕
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17 days ago
The single raindrop never feels responsible for the flood 🌿
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19 days ago
Foto Fact Friday: Some time during this photoshoot a massive biology class out on a field study from a nearby college was heading our way. I held my breath and hid behind a tree for several minutes until they all passed. I'm pretty sure no one saw me, but if someone did, I bet none of their friends would've believed them. 🌿
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22 days ago
Take a deep breath and keep going 🌿
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25 days ago
Hey guys! If you like yoga/fitness photography please consider requesting to follow my personal account @kara_camille . Rather than modeling, I post more of my daily life stuff such as yoga, music, cooking, dog pictures, etc. If you’re into that stuff then feel free to request! Please note that I do not accept people without profile pictures, inactive accounts, or those who have a history of inappropriate interactions 🙏🏼
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