a twice weekly true crime podcast ‘going west’: to die or disappear hosts: @daphne.woolsoncroft & @heath_merryman
Brandon Lawson // 363 OUT NOW • In August of 2013, a 26-year-old man disappeared from the side of a highway in Texas after running out of gas. In what has become an infamous phone call to 911, he pleaded for help, saying that he was being chased by someone in the desert. Professionals and internet sleuths alike have attempted to break down his every word to determine exactly what happened to him – especially after remains were found in the area in 2022. This is the story of Brandon Lawson. • Photos: 1. Brandon 2. Area Brandon is believed to have disappeared from 3. Side of road from where Brandon disappeared 4. Brandon 5. Brandon and Ladessa 6. Brandon and one of his children 7. A feral hog
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Sabine Buehler // 362 OUT NOW • In November of 2008, a 49-year-old resort motel owner went missing from a Florida island. When her car was pulled over two weeks later, the man driving it fled from police on foot, leading to a suspicious pursuit. After searching the car alongside her home, disturbing evidence was uncovered that led police to believe she had been met with foul play. And years later, they’d learn who was behind it. This is the story of Sabine Buehler. • Photos: 1. Sabine 2. Tom and Sabine 3. Bill and Sabine 4. Sabine’s back seat 5. Area where Sabine’s remains were found 6. Bill in interview after arrest
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Hannah Rose Walker // 361 OUT NOW • In October of 2022, a 31-year-old woman headed out for a swim in beautiful Trout Lake, Washington, with an older friend. But after getting separated that afternoon, the woman’s remains would be found floating in the water. Once police arrived at the scene, it was clear that the circumstances of her death were strange and confusing. But what really happened to her? And was the last man she was with responsible? This is the story of Hannah Rose Walker. • Photos: (Couldn’t find any of Jeremy) 1-3. Hannah 4. Trout Lake, Washington
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Kyle Fleischmann // 360 OUT NOW • In November of 2007, a 24-year-old man went missing after attending a popular comedy show with his family and friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. After security camera footage captured him leaving a bar and grabbing a slice of pizza, he seemed to vanish, and was never seen again. So what really happened to him that night, and why? This is the story of Kyle Fleischmann. • Photos: 1-2. Kyle 3. Map of area he walked after the bar 4. Surveillance of Kyle leaving bar (circled in bottom right corner) 5. Surveillance of Kyle walking past loading dock to Fuel Pizza 6. Daniel leading search efforts
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Murder on the Bluebelle // 359 OUT NOW • In November of 1961, five passengers on a luxury sailboat bound for Florida were murdered, one by one, by someone on board – with a single occupant surviving the attack. Days passed as she floated in the ocean awaiting rescue, hoping to live to tell the tale of what really transpired that night on board the ship. This is the story of the Murder on the Bluebelle, otherwise known as the Duperrault family massacre. • Photos: 1. Infamous photo of Terry Jo on her raft as she was being rescued 2. Newspaper clipping of Terry Jo’s rescue 3. Terry Jo and her aunt and uncle 4. The Bluebelle 5. Brian, Jean, Terry Jo, and Arthur 6. Terry Jo after recovery 7. Julian Harvey 8. There promoting her book 9. Larger photo of Terry Jo on her raft
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Sarah Saganitso // 358 OUT NOW • In June of 1987, a 40-year-old Navajo woman left to work a night shift at an Arizona medical center, and never returned home. When her body was found nearby the next day, it was clear she had been murdered. But after a potentially coerced confession, and talks of a native legend being to blame, who was really responsible for her slaying? This is the story of Sarah Saganitso. • Photos: (remember there are sadly none of Sarah online 😞) 1. Newspaper clipping 2. George Abney 3. The Flagstaff Medical Center
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Carol Stuart // 357 OUT NOW • In October of 1989, a 30-year-old pregnant woman was murdered after being apprehended at a stoplight in Boston. When her injured husband called police to explain what happened, an intense investigation began, revealing a surprising suspect. This is the story of Carol Stuart. • Photos: 1. Carol 2. Carol and Charles 3. The Stuart’s car 4-5. Graphic Image Warning • Crime scene photo in newspaper clipping 6. Charles being pulled from the river 7. Willie Bennet
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Numb - Ghostly OUT NOW! Our favorite host Heath came out with a music video for his first single. Link in bio!!!! @ghostly.la
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Arlis Perry // 356 OUT NOW • In October of 1974, a 19-year-old woman headed to her church at midnight after she and her husband got into an argument. But when she didn’t return home that night, her husband reported her missing. When her body was found inside in a ritualistic manner just hours later, police began a painstaking investigation. Decades later, when a DNA match was made, a shocking ending came to her case. This is the story of Arlis Perry. • Photos: 1-2. Arlis Perry 3-5. Stanford Memorial Church 6. Newspaper clipping 7. Stephen Crawford 8. Bruce Perry 9. Leslie Perlov and Janet Taylor 10. David Levine
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Jasmine Pace // 355 OUT NOW • In November of 2022, a 22-year-old woman went missing after visiting her mom’s house in Tennessee. After curiously texting her mom her location in the middle of the night, and posting something suspicious to Facebook, the investigation, led heavily by her mom, narrowed in on one possible culprit. This is the story of Jasmine Pace. • Photos: 1-2. Jasmine 3. Facebook post made after Jasmine went missing 4. Jason Chen surveillance in Walmart 5. BLUESTAR reagent in Jason’s apartment showing blood 6. Area where Jasmine’s body was found 7. Jason Chen after arrest 8. Catrina and Jasmine
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Gitchie Manitou Murders // 354 OUT NOW • In November of 1973, five teenage friends were attacked while they sat around a campfire at a local state reserve. After killing four of them, the final girl was taken into a van before being dropped off at home, able to share her story with the police in hopes of catching the monsters behind it all. This is the story of Sandra Cheskey, Roger Essem, Stewart Baade, Dana Baade, and Michael Hadrath. Also known as Gitchie Girl, and the Gitchie Manitou Murders. • Photos: 1. Roger, Stewart, Michael, and Dana 2. Sandra Cheskey in 1973 3. Sandra Cheskey in recent years 4. Gitchie Manitou State Perserve 5. Allen, David, and JR Fryer
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