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There is so much to discover in this beautiful country, Turkey 🇹🇷 @goturkiye #safetourismtürkiye
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🇹🇷 Ask me to show you poetry in motion, and I'll show you a horse 🤍 ❄️ Today, for the first time I felt an indescribable emotion, here in Turkey, I rode this beautiful horse @goturkiye #suppliedby #hourse #gotürkiye
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1 day ago
🇹🇷 Today I walk through the streets of Erzurum, among the walls of these characteristic houses. @goturkiye #GoTürkiye
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🇹🇷 I finally arrived at this beautiful hotel here in Erzurum, the @swayhotels ... after a long journey with stopover in Istanbul and very strict airport controls, it's time to take a nice hot shower, here the temperatures are very cold, but people are very friendly and hospitable. Waiting for this night to pass and to show you these days through my stories and posts from my first experience here in Turkey, I wish you a good night 🤍 @goturkey #supplied #GoTürkiye #OnlyInTürkiye #ReTurkey #SafeTourism #ReadyAndSafeTürkiye #SafeTourismTürkiye
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Silence is the highest form of the word; understanding it is the highest form of human being.
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4 days ago
Enjoy present pleasures so as not to harm future ones.
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📰 Un onore nonché un grande piacere essere stato scelto dal famoso settimanale @chimagazineit come uno degli influencer più forti nel campo della moda e della fotografia, ringrazio lo staff di @chimagazine_it per questa intervista dove ho raccontato qualcosa di ciò che dal 2017 ad oggi svolgo con passione e dedizione tutti i giorni. Ringrazio inoltre tutti quelli che ogni giorno mi supportano e che mi danno gli stimoli giusti per poter fare sempre di più e sempre meglio, voi ❤️ #chi #chimagazine 📰 An honor and a great pleasure to have been chosen by the famous weekly @chimagazineit as one of the strongest influencers in the field of fashion and photography, I thank the staff of @chimagazine_it for this interview where I told something about what from 2017 to today I do it with passion and dedication every day. I also thank all those who support me every day and who give me the right incentives to be able to do more and better, you ❤️ #chi #chimagazine Direttore del giornale: @alfosignorini Ph @gianlucasarago
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✔️ or 10? 😊 Which outfit do you prefer?
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8 days ago
Never stop dreaming 💭
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Enjoy your week, mine starts with a good coffee ☕️
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10 days ago
Often we dive into the novelty as if it were the solution or a remedy, as if the life we ​​feel throbbing again within us made us feel the thrill of immortality, but it is not to feel immortal that we need. We need to love 🤍
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Hi guys! ✈️ I am so excited, barring unforeseen events in a few weeks I will fly to Turkey for the first time to discover one of the most important ski destinations! 🇹🇷⛷
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