Announcing another upcoming release from Garphill Games!!! During the reign of Emperor Yao, the people of ancient China were constantly plagued by deadly floods along the Yellow River. Eager to put an end to the devastation, Yao selected Gun, one of his officials, to devise a plan. After nine years of failed attempts using dams and dikes, Gun's employment came to a questionable end. After his passing, Yu inherited his father's work. Learning from Gun's failures, Yu set out to construct a series of canals to direct the surging river into nearby fields and smaller waterways. Legacy of Yu is a solo-only, fully-resettable, nonlinear campaign game, where you step into the role of the legendary hero of the Xia Dynasty, Yu the Great. It will be your job to build the canals ahead of the impending flood, while also defending your growing village against neighbouring barbarian tribes. With each game, stories will be shared, and new gameplay elements added. The campaign features a self-balancing system which adapts to how well you are doing. The campaign ends once you either win or lose seven games. @samphillipsillustration #legacyofyu #garphillgames
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Yesterday we celebrated my wife's Nana with a very heartfelt burial service. Her 101 years were filled with an abundance of great family moments and treasured memories. The joy she had for her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren (and even one great great grandson!), will be a lasting legacy. After the service we sat down for a meal at her favourite restaurant, where we had previously celebrated many of her birthdays. I snapped this picture at the table with my eldest daughter, Chloe. Hard to believe she will be 9 soon! I'm so grateful that she got to know her great Nana Audrey.
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Both expansions for Viscounts are live on Kickstarter now! #garphillgames #viscountsofthewestkingdom
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We are live in 36 hours! This will be our final Kickstarter campaign for the West Kingdom trilogy. See you there! #viscountsofthewestkingdom #garphillgames
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The year has just started and we are only one week away from launching our final Kickstarter for the West Kingdom trilogy! #viscountsofthewestkingdom #garphillgames
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Almost a year ago I shared my top 100. This year I decided to stick to just the top 50. Sam also had the same idea (swipe to see Sam's rankings). #garphillgames
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Have you checked out the @manvsmeeple Kickstarter yet? They are offering a brand new promo pack for Hadrian's Wall!
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Check out the beautiful piece of art by @loganschmittillustration !!! #garphillgames
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The pre-production copies of First Light 2nd Edition have arrived, and look amazing! Check out the unboxing video on our YouTube channel. #circadiansfirstlight #garphillgames
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We will be live in 12 hours with a full 5-player playthrough of Chaos Order! #garphillgames #circadianschaosorder
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Each faction in Chaos Order has their own tuck box for storing their components. This makes for an easy setup and teardown. With only 9 days left on Kickstarter, don't miss out on getting this amazing game at 20%-off MSRP. #garphillgames #circadianschaosorder
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