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Time for some SHOPPING! That’s the theme this week for #thematicthursday . This hashtag was created by @prestonsgamersguild . I am featuring shops and stores from HAPPY CITY, designed by Toshiki and Airu Satu, published by @gamewright . This light, fun filler game takes 2 to 5 and plays in 20-30 minutes. Income is used to buy cards that provide buildings that provide residents and increase their happiness. It’s a great summoner or finisher for game night! #thematicthursday #shopping #happycity #cardgame #fillergame #gamewright #game #games #gamer #gaming #geek #boardgame #boardgamer #boardgames #boardgaming #boardgamesarefun #boardgamegeek #boardgameaddict #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamepic #boardgamephoto #tabletop #boardgamephotography #bggcommunity
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Abandon all artichokes. A sort of deck building game where you are trying to rid yourself of artichokes from your own personal deck of cards. You start with 10 artichokes and as the game progresses you gain new cards and get rid of artichokes from your hand. The 1st player to draw back up to 5 cards without an artichoke wins. Tavon took the victory in our 1st ever play through and we all enjoyed it very much. We love gamewright games, they are always well made and a lot of fun for the whole family. #cards #cardgame #cardgamesarefun #cardgamesofinstagram #bgg #boardgamegeek #fun #familygame #boardgaming #boardgamecommunity #boardgamesofinstagram #tabletopgame #cute #cutegame #art #artichokes #geek
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This beautiful family and great friends of mine are the creators of one our favorite card games ever! #sleepingqueens from @gamewright . Back in the winter I had the pleasure to do their family portrait for their new game coming up this July! Sleeping Queens 2!! I am so honored and so grateful for the opportunity! Their family has been a big part of out homeschool journey since we met many years ago! 🧡 Can't wait to play their new game with my family!
3 days ago
Ever buy a game that you know nothing about because of artwork, mechanics, theme, or because you happen to have an extra $20 at the time? Yeah, me too😆 when this game was 1st released I just started my first D&D campaign & was looking for a new small box game, so without knowing anything more than the description on the box I took Dungeon Drop home. ⠀ Each player is dealt a card with their unique ability, HP, quest card & race. Cubes are added to the box, then holding it 6-12 inches above the table, you drop all cubes, forming the dungeon. Players take turns using their special abilities & create rooms to loot. Most cubes are treasure but there are monsters, or health potions to heal you. The game is played over 3 rounds & at the games end the player with the most VPs wins. ⠀ While playing solo your goal is to collect as many relics (green cubes) as possible, VPs only matter when completing each round. At the end of each round compare to a chart to determine if you have enough points to move onto the next round or if you’re forced to proceed to end scoring. When playing solo, your quest card changes every round& you may end up with a few class cards. At the end of the 3rd round, or when you’re forced to do end game scoring, you compare your total # of relics to a chart to see how you did. ⠀ I really wanted to love this game & just didn’t. My issue started with the rulebook, while the game imcluded all solo components needed to play, the rulebook doesn’t include solo rules. They provide a QR code to scan so it wasn’t the biggest deal, but it’s nice to be valued & considered as much as traditional board gamers. The other hangup I had is that there isn’t a component list so youre left hoping you have the correct # of each cube. This irked me because the colors on the rules & player aids don’t match the actual cubes, making parts of the rules unclear, as I wasn’t sure if I was using each cube correctly. Aside from the rulebook I found this game to be very light & luck driven which is usually a recipe for games I don’t enjoy. I do love the adorable artwork & I enjoyed how unique each dungeon can be. With that being said I’ll likely be gifting this game to a friend❤️
4 days ago
Who stole the pie? Can you figure it out? My favorite little pie sleuths are on the job. . .#sweetelliebug #mccraebear #outfoxed
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🐍 Hisss 🐍 @gamewright is one of our favorite publishers of family and kids games. My daughter especially loves Hisss and really hopes to get the rainbow head and tail each game. It’s a great game of chance and color matching that plays in less than 10 minutes. Highly recommended for kids ages 3-7! #hisss #gamewright #snakesofinstagram #snake #kidsgames #childrensgames #boardgames #dadurday
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Shifting stones are moving fast and cunning: one round takes maximum 10 minutes and after it you usually want to play another one immediately.♥️ #pandainthecavegames #bgg #boardgamegeek #geek #hobby #boardgamecollection #boardgame #shiftingstones #tabletopgame #boardgameofinstagram #colorful #boardgameaddict #boardgameart #boardgamedesigne #attractive
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Happy #WellPairedWednesday ! (created by the mighty @tennessee_meeple ). Each week we pair 2 games that are thematically linked. This week’s theme is MEDICAL, chosen by @married.meeple . I have chosen Gubs (bit of a stretch) and Pandemic (probably pretty popular for this pairing). #pandemicboardgame by @zmangames_ is a classic co-op in which you, as a member of the medical science community, try to save the world from a Pandemic. #Gubs by @gamewright is a very family-friendly, basic resource-management game featuring one card (pictured above) that is relevant to today’s theme. . . . . #boardgames #gamenight #boardgame #tabletopgames #boardgamegeek #juegosdemesa #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamer #brettspiel #familygamenight #boardgamenight #bggcommunity #familygames #boardgamers #playmoregames #boardgamephotos #boardgamelife #boardgamesarefun #boardgamecollection #boardgamefamily #boardgamecouple #boardgamephotography #boardgamegeek #bgg ——————————————
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Hey Hey! Wednesday #favouritefoefunlearning review time! OUTFOXED! by @coiledspringgames @gamewright 🐓🦊 🐓🦊 2-4 Players 🐓🦊@coiledspringgames @gamewright 🐓🦊 Time: <20 mins 🐓🦊 Simple co-operative deduction and memory gaming family fun! 🐓🦊 In Outfoxed! players are working together to determine which of 12 possible thieves has stolen Mrs Plumpert's famous pot pie! 🐓🦊Each turn, players decide whether the active player should hunt for a clue or reveal a potential suspect! If you roll 3 dice of the symbol that matches the action (you get three chances and can bank matching rolls), you get to do it. If you don't, wiley Mr Fox moves 3 spaces closer to his fox hole. 🐓🦊 Searching for clues is such fun - a little bit of worker placement action to reach a paw print enables you to insert a token into the clue decoder. Then its clever design reveals whether the suspect wears/has what is on the clue. Once the clue goes back on the board, memory mechanic then kicks in so that when players choose to reveal two suspects, everyone has to remember which clues were helpful and which were not - only then can they be eliminated from the players' exciting enquiry! 👍👍 Easy to learn 👍👍 Co-operative play 👍👍 Simple but impactful decisions ideal for young gamers 👍👍 Deduction and memory skills 👍👍 Adaptable with house rules 👍👍 Lovely artwork 👍👍 Innovative Clue decoding design 👍👍 Fast playing (<20 mins) 👎 Deciding whether to (a) search for clues or (b) reveal a suspect and teh trying to match the 3 dice of that type can be a little frustrating for the youngest of gamers - but house rules allowing last minute mind changes solves that! And upping the challenge for older players by moving the fox extra spaces shows how versatile this game can be! 🐓🦊 We love Outfoxed! It has excellent learning opportunities for younger gamers and is really fun. This is definitely one staying in the favouritefoefunlearning library! 👍👍 #boardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #bgg #boardgamegeek #outfoxed #coiledspringgames #familygame #favouritefoe #funlearning #juegosdemesa #jeuxdesociete #giochidatavolo #brettspiel #brettspiele #learningthroughplay #gamewright
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