Absolutely love this image! Awesome image by @oldmangames I'm excited to share this sneak peek of the @gamelyngames image I took for my Find-It Book! Really happy with how it turned out! How many rocket ships can you find??? . . . #canyoufindit #gamelyngames #tinyepic #tinyepiczombies #tinyepicgalaxies #tinyepicdinosaurs #tinyepicpirates #tinyepicquest #ispy #tabletopfinditbook
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Check out this incredible picture by @meeple_studies Posted @withregram@meeple_studies I had so much fun creating this image for @gamelyngames — the Tiny Epic games are some of my favorites. There so much game inside those tiny boxes! I’m always impressed by how strategic the Tiny Epic games are, and how unique each one is. I can’t wait to see what else Gamelyn Games comes out with in the future! What Tiny Epic game would you like to see someday? #gamelyngames #boardgamephotography #tinyepicgames #western #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamegeek #boardgameaddict #jeuxdesociete #brettspiel ##brettspieler #juegosdemesa #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #tabletopcommunity #boardgamegirl #gamergirl #gamer #gamenight #games #boardgame #gamersofinstagram #bgselfie #nerdgirl #boardgames #meeple _studies #boardgamecommunity @karaclark_photography
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🎉A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that helped Gamelyn Games reach more of the Boardgame community!! We are always impressed with the imagination and talent of our collaboraters and Backers. . . Could not have done without you fam 🌏
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🎉 GREAT NEWS - Tiny Epic Dungeons is on the water 🚢. We are so excited to get this incredible game into your hands. Check out our update to read all about it and track the boat. LINK IN BIO ⏫ 🙋 Shoutout to the entire team and a sincere thank you to ALL of our amazing backers. Cheers and Happy Holidays. 🎊
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Great pictures and overview of Dragon Land! Go check it out! Posted @withregram@smallfriesgames (Advert) Ingredients for an epic adventure: dragons, unicorns, gems and magic rings. Dragon Land has them all and more! @gamelyngames gifted me a copy of Dragon Land for review. It's a beautiful set collection, roll and move game that's fun for the whole family! * * In Dragon Land, each player takes on the role of 3 adventurers (in red, blue and green) in the hope of collecting the most sets of treasure (1 egg and 1 gem in each of the 3 colours). On their turn, the player moves 2 of their adventurers - ideally towards volcanoes. If they land on 1, they may take all the gems in the active adventurers colour, 1 wild gem or 1 egg (and special token). Sometimes there are special options too - like flying on a dragon or collecting a magic ring (rings are needed for gems to count at the end). There are also special tokens for cool abilities - like travelling along rivers or taking a gem of any colour. The game ends when the last egg is collected - the player with the most points wins! * * Dragon Land is suitable for 2-4 players aged 9+. My 6 year old loves this game, so experienced younger gamers can definitely play this. (Bear in mind that it's unlikely to have been safety tested for younger than 9.) It takes a while to set up and play (though you could force the end by focusing on eggs). Even though this is a roll and move, it's certainly more strategy based than luck. The dice only go as high as 4 so there isn't much variation in rolls. I really like the sense of surprise you get when you reveal a token at a volcano. I also love the components, especially the dice tower, gems and rings but I do find the board ambiguous - it's not obvious which spaces lead to volcanoes. If you are looking for a family game that is fun for kids and adults, this is a great one to check out! (I even enjoy playing it without kids!) * * * #gamelyngames #dragonlandgame #dragonlandboardgame #boardgame #boardgames #familygame #familygames #familygamenight #familyboardgames
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Thank you @viev.boardgames for this amazing shot! 🏴‍☠️ · Posted @withregram@viev.boardgames 🇺🇸 Tiny Epic Pirates (🇳🇱⤵️) Today a first picture of Tiny Epic Pirates, a game for 1 - 4 players. An adventure on the high seas, using a variable rondel action system and action combinations. Sail around with a pirate ship and try to bury as much wealth as possible in secret hideouts on the island. 🏴‍☠️ Have a great weekend! Which games are you going to play? ✨ Thank you @gamelyngames for providing me this review copy! 🇳🇱 Tiny Epic Pirates Vandaag een eerste foto van Tiny Epic Pirates, een spel voor 1 - 4 spelers. Een avontuur op volle zee, waarbij er gebruik wordt gemaakt van een variable rondel-actiesyteem en actiecombinaties. Vaar rond met een piratenschip en probeer zoveel mogelijk rijkdom te begraven op geheime schuilplaatsen op het eiland. Fijn weekend! Welke spellen ga jij spelen? ✨ Bedankt @gamelyngames voor het toesturen van dit review exemplaar! #TinyEpicPirates #pirate #pirates #tinyepic #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #bgg #boardgamegeek #boardgamegeeks #boardgamephotography #boardgamephotos #boardgamepassion #bordspel #bordspellen #brettspiel #brettspiele #jeudesociété #jeudeplateau #colorful #sea #tabletop #tabletopgames #boardgamecommunity #meeple #meeples #gamelyngames #saturday #december #11december
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🚀 Race to Colonize Planets 🪐 💥 Score 21 Victory Points 🏆 Conquer the Cosmos Tiny Epic Galaxies Deluxe IN STOCK NOW! ⬆️ LINK IN BIO
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HOW MANY #TINYEPIC games do you 👊 have! . . 💭 Comment for a potential Surprise Gift 🎁
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INCOMING 📻 Some Fantastic #essenspiel2021 coverage this guy knows QUALITY . . @dutchgameplayer Review 🚀 Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies 🚀 Each turn, roll custom space dice and activate them one by one, giving the option to perform several actions: 🚀Move a ship. Land on a planet and immediately gain the benefit or orbit a planet and start colonization, giving you an extra benefit later on. 🚀Further colonize planets by way of economy or diplomacy allowing orbiting rockets to proceed on the colonization track. Once you reach the last field of the track, the planet is yours!  🚀Gain energy or culture from active ships on corresponding planets. 🚀Upgrade your galaxy, giving you more dice to roll and rockets to fly. You can also chose to activate one of your colonized planets giving you that extra benefit.  🎲Re-roll your dice once per turn for free. After that, it costs one energy. Spend one culture in an opponents turn to follow their action. 🛸🛰 The game includes the mini expansion Satellites and Super Weapons, adding extra strategy and increasing replay-ability. Also, each player mat has a rogue galaxy side with different solo play scenarios.  🚀My thoughts? How much game can you cram in a super tiny box?? I added a picture of a “regular” Tiny Epic for reference. The answer is: a lot! This is basically Tiny Epic Galaxies even smaller!   I really like the planet colonizing, hoping to get to the end field before others. Another plus is that the game provides several different options on how to score points, all while being very easy to understand.  As it primarily has the dice rolling mechanic, there is definitely an element of luck. This does not bother me as re-rolling is always possible. If you have enough energy, you can do it several times. Also, if you expand your galaxy, you have more dice to roll. Definitely a fun light-strategic game that is ideal for on the road as it is SO tiny! 😄 An ultra epic thanks to @gamelyngames for providing me with a copy of this game. My thoughts are not influenced by this. Do you have a favourite (U) Tiny Epic?😊 🚀Gamelyn Games 🚀Scott Almes 🚀1-5 players 🚀About 30 min. 🚀Age: 14+
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🚨 T I N Y •E P I C 🧟‍♀️ Z O M B I E S 🧠 … Discounted for your spooky 👻 party 🦇 … LINK IN BIO ⬆️
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