Francesco Lo Moro

Italia, torno a trovarti.🇮🇹🍝
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20 days ago
Non capisco perché Instagram mi carica sempre le foto in bassa qualità. Comunque, siccome @grams28 mi ha regalato il nuovo 151 Stealth Backpack, ho deciso di esordire in T-shirt nera. Non so quando ricapiterà. 💁🏻‍♂️ Date un’occhiata alla loro pagina perché la qualità è notevole. Buona serata amici🖤
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1 month ago
👉🏻Uno dei due è un bravo ragazzo. Glad to met you Bro👊🏻 @mr.anderssons 🇸🇪 #friends #dubai #meetings
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1 month ago
Mi piace pensare in ogni minimo dettaglio a qualcosa che ancora non ho, tanto da renderlo vero. @gantoandhero Shark Wellington.
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2 months ago
Business day, messy hair, that’s okay👌🏻
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3 months ago
“Cambia tutto vivere sotto pressione. Certe persone le spremi e si svegliano, altre crollano.” I love pressure. What about you? ————————————————————— Thanks @thepenthousedubai for your welcome with this amazing view, and thank you so much @gantoandhero for this beautiful present. I spent a lovely day 🧡
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3 months ago
Franco vi ringrazia tantissimo per tutti gli auguri di buon compleanno che ha ricevuto🎂🙏🏻. Un po’ di Jet ski con il suo abito di lino su misura, sembrava cosa giusta da fare per festeggiare i suoi 32 anni con la giusta adrenalina. Franco è italiano, e deve sempre vestirsi bene.😎🚀🌊 Buona domenica amici🤍
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3 months ago
Sunny day, looking for my new home. #dubai #newhome #newgoals
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4 months ago
Un Espresso a Firenze ☕️. Thinking about my last 12 months, before to leave Italy again. Many changes, new homes, new businesses. Covid gave us several problems, but also the opportunity to discover ourselves, make new plans, set new goals. Find new inspiration. How was this 2020 for you? I’m would like to read how your lives are going. I send you love guys. New year is coming. Be positive.
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💰🔥GIVEAWAY🔥FROM BALI👨🏻🌴!! Hey Guys, as I told you yesterday, @christophercloos and I decided to give away 1 PAIR of @christophercloos sunglasses to 2 of my followers!! If you are drawn as the winner, you can jump directly to and choose your favorite model🤚🏼. **No limits, choose the one you like the most, even if it's the most expensive☺️! @christophercloos will send them to you immediately!!✈️📦 How to get in: 1) Make sure you follow @christophercloos and me. 2) Like this Post and tag friends who you think would be interested in separate comments to increase your chances of winning. 👉🏻The contents will close on Friday 6th March (my Birthday) at midnight. On Saturday 7 the winners will be announced! If you have understood how the contest works, now you know how to win💡. (One tag per comment, as many comments as possible.) Honestly, can’t wait to see your photo with your new glasses! Today I wear PampelonneChampagne.👌🏻 Have a good weekend guys🌞!!! #giveaway #christophercloos #balivibes
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“Buongiorno👨🏻‍🏫, sono il vostro nuovo insegnante di ..........” (📝finisci tu la frase) @johnhenric #johnhenric #newteacher 📚
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Tony Montana e Vito Scaletta🥃🇮🇹. #brothers #italians #bangkok
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