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A mint 1st Gen Tacoma comes in for $15k in upgrades - immediately the highlight of our month. @dobinsonsusa IMS suspension, @nomadwheel Sahara forged wheels, @scheelmannusa seats and a whole pile of OEM maintenance parts. Can’t help but think I’d prefer this over brand new 40k Tacoma. Also, @ossiep ’s videos keep peaking 🎥🎥🎥 #tacoma #1stgentacoma #bendoregon
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10 days ago
@_nviii_ drove down from Hood River in 2nd gear, he drove home in 5th. The turbo is a must for this land yacht. (okay probably 4th gear to be honest) #globalgalaxy
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20 days ago
@matt_gonz8 242DL is simply too good. If you’ve ever owned a Volvo 240 you know how fun this four cylinder, four gear tank is. @fosterhunting dreamed of an OM605 in this thing when he owned it, but we all decided we had more pressing matters. With a little love and maintenance from Matt it lives on as is…for now. #volvo240 #242
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1 month ago
Whole lotta dune content coming up - sorry bout it. Swipe for eclipse stuff.
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1 month ago
Day 1 of ownership: buy it. Day 2 of ownership: mod it. @fitgarage just so happen to have a @pdicoolersaustralia intercooler / trans cooler laying around… @ossiep & @brandnhaley got it’s dialed in. And she’s running cool🥶❄️ Day 3 of ownership: coming soon… #1HDT #hdj81 #roaminglost
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1 month ago
Silly clean 1st Gen came through for a suspension refresh including our standard @bilsteinus 5100 paired with Old Man Emu springs. @nomadwheel Saharas, 33” General ATX and we snuck a warn into the factory bumper for an OEM+ look. #1stgentacoma
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2 months ago
Still working on these 4x4 slugs - this VIP styled unit is a favorite. 1KZTE engine gone through with timing belt/waterpump, EGR delete/EGT gauge, new suspension, etc for the one and only JDM cowboy: @yotaimports #hiace #bendoregon
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2 months ago
1HD-FT swapped into the @the_storm_troopy a few months ago. EGR delete and clean, Gturbo, PDI Intercooler, Ceramic Coated manifolds, valve cover etc. This puppy nows boosts to 25psi and keeps EGT temps under 1100 while cruising 70 up hills. #landcruiser #troopy
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2 months ago
Parts troopy at this point - two years ago and the last trip. We got way too busy ‘round here 😮‍💨 #landcruiser
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3 months ago
Big thangs cookin on @ossiep ’s 250GD. Soon it will be a dune buggy or Jeep I do not know which #om605 #gelendwagen
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4 months ago
Despite the suspension rust, this #fj60 was in beautiful shape. A pallet of @dobinsonsusa Suspension + PB blaster, impact hammers and Por-15 have us back in business. #landcruiser
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4 months ago
Y’all have 2 days left to buy a shirt/patch/hat and win this Hilux - the vehicle of choice for insurgents world wide…if that’s your thing. Link is in our bio and giveaway is Friday via @wrm.fzy . Details on the truck: 1997 JDM import then we mated a factory take-off Toyota 2LTE turbo setup to the 3L. 3” exhaust, fuel adjusted, tuned and EGT gauged. Inside we have @scheelmannusa Vario XXL seats and an Apple Carplay. @nomadwheel Convoy + 33x9.50r15 @kendatire . Each purchase on that link is good for one entry. Airsoft guns not included. #hilux
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5 months ago