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Behold the #Ferrari12CilindriSpider , where the symphony of a naturally aspirated mid-front-mounted V12 engine meets the epitome of driving finesse and emotion. Crafted for audacious souls seeking the thrill of open-air driving without sacrificing an ounce of V12 allure. #FerrariMiami #Ferrari
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Unleashing a symphony of power with the #Ferrari12Cilindri and #Ferrari12CilindriSpider , where the V12’s echo becomes an emblem of driving thrills. For those passionate about design excellence and for lovers of pure sound. #FerrariMiami #Ferrari
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Introducing the #Ferrari12Cilindri , a marvel inspired by the legacy of Ferrari’s iconic V12, the first ever engine to roar through the gates of Maranello. Designed for the lovers of the legendary naturally-aspirated mid-front-mounted V12, it’s the pinnacle of our uncompromising powertrain philosophy, staying faithful to our roots while embracing progress. #FerrariMiami #Ferrari
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Things you love to see 🫶 #MonacoGP 🇲🇨 #F1 #Ferrari #Maranello
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Echoing from the past, going into the future, the symphony of the Ferrari V12 engine resonates timelessly, transcending eras. Meet the expression of a great racing advancement and know-how: the #FerrariEnzoFerrari . Its V12 engine was a completely new 65° V12 that drew Ferrari’s experience on the track and, as a result, featured some unique technical solutions. It has an overall displacement of 5998 cc, a maximum power output of 660 cv at 7800 rpm and a maximum torque of 67 kgs at 5500 rpm. The new V12 was very focused on the delivery of blistering power, huge torque at low revs and a broad range of use - this type of vocation could be clearly seen in its breaking performance. #FerrariSupercars #Ferrari
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This team ❤️ Forza Ferrari!! #CharlesLeclerc #CarlosSainz #MonacoGP #F1
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Modern. Elegant. Sporty. The essence of the #FerrariPurosangue . Crafted with modern precision, its exterior seamlessly blends with the sophisticated interior, creating a harmonious blend of style and capability. #Copenhagen #Ferrari
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Leaves you breathless. #Ferrari12CilindriSpider #Ferrari
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Let the sleek elegance of the #FerrariRomaSpider be your trusty companion as you navigate the urban jungle. #LaNuovaDolceVita #Aranya #Ferrari
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Can you feel this weekend’s vibes? #FerrariSF90Stradale #MonteCarlo #DrivingFerrari #Ferrari
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A symphony of perfectly tuned engines, resonating from #Nashville , the vibrant birthplace of musical legends, to the open roads of the American South, to #Miami and the swaying palm trees of Ocean Drive. This year’s #FerrariCavalcade International was one of the most ambitious to date, covering over 800 kilometres on the road, with drivers arriving from across the globe. Find out everything about the spectacular event at the link in bio. #FerrariMiami #FerrariMagazine #Ferrari
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