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Equity and Inclusion: Why They Matter Diversity and inclusion aren’t just about moral and social values. They’re much more and are integral to any business, big or small. Exceptional talent comes from everywhere, and diversity brings about both economic and business advantages. Inclusion and What It Entails Many think of diversity and inclusivity as synonymous, but this could not be further from the truth. Someone once said that diversity is a given, but inclusion is a choice. I agree with this wholeheartedly. While diversity is more about representation, inclusion is about the environment. This involves all employees feeling a sense of belonging and being comfortable sharing their points of view and insights. In order to make an organization inclusive, all must be afforded the same opportunities. Equity Within the Workplace Equity means that everyone has equal access. Unlike diversity and inclusion, equity is about fairness and having the same opportunities despite the position one holds. All three are important to foster an open and accepting work culture and need to be taken care of simultaneously. To find out more enjoy reading the Lady Diversity Power which will be available in all major avenues and bookstores.
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LAST DAY TO REGISTER! I can't wait to see everyone virtually tomorrow at #acmpgc2022 Photos Friends 866 friends Qurat Ul Ain Sundas Naqvi Cirleide Athenas Mills Mahum Ashfaq Melanie Davidson Jishnu Pepe Sarah Hamid Ted Shuttlesworth Julian Mann Life events Privacy · Terms · Advertising · Ad Choices · Cookies · · Meta © 2022 Posts Naila Qazi 3m · Shared with Public LAST DAY TO REGISTER! I can't wait to see everyone virtually tomorrow at #acmpgc2022 Register: /event/5a4dbe3c-db09-4428-9206-4bff97423e4f/websitePage:097ce287-f1e9-45ec-bdf8-e0dda534992e?sms=2&utm_campaign=reg_open&utm_source=ACMP%20Conference%20Site 22+ Live Sessions 50+ Pre-Recorded, On-Demand Sessions (available for 3 weeks) Networking Opportunities Pre-Conference Workshops #acmpgc2022 #changeleadership #changeleadership #leadership #diversityequityandinclusion #acmpglobal Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Global) HRPA - Human Resources Professionals Association Tehmina A Chaudhry Hammad Siddiqui
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It is an honour to be speaking at the at the ACMP Global Conference 'Embracing the Changing World: Diversity, Technology, and Adaptability'! Join me and many other distinguished speakers! June 28, 2022—July 1, 2022 22+ Live Sessions 50+ Pre-Recorded, On-Demand Sessions (Available for 3 weeks) Networking Opportunities Pre-Conference Workshops #ACMPGC2022 Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Global) ACMP Ontario Chapter (Association of Change Management Professionals)ACMP East Coast Australia Chapter #changemanagement #changeleadership #diveristyandinclusion #leadership
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As a coach, it's not always a sunny day. Some days you want to block out the world and stay in your pyjamas, but the others make you wonder with gratitude. The truth is that coaches do not have their "batteries full" every part of the day, and they can't be impeccable listener, motivator, or guide 24/7. Read full article: #changemanagement #changeleadership #leadershipcoaching #leadershipdevelopment
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Change is constant but hard. Every evolving company needs to embrace changes to adjust to new technologies, ideas, and circumstances. Read full article: However, implementing changes often proves difficult because people don’t like change. What happens when employees don’t share the same enthusiasm as you towards an organizational change? In this case, people will resist changes, making implementation difficult. It’s easy to plan changes in the company while forgetting a key aspect of change management, communication! Whether you want workers to learn a new skill or want to introduce new software, communication is key to implementing a successful change program. #changemanagement #leadershipcoaching #Organizational
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Once again, speaking to a global audience of>1300 on the topic of Change in the Post-Covid world was uplifting. The interactive discussions during the virtual session were immersive, and I felt a profound sense of belonging to this community of professionals at the Global PMI. "You kept 1300 plus people engaged! It was masterful!" "Excellent presentation and audience participation! Valuable topics that need to be discussed on a regular basis!" Thanks NIC JAIN, Sadaf Shaikh, Project Management Institute, Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Global), Musaib Baug, Mushtaq Abdulrahimzai Civil Eng. MBA, PMP, Abilio Neto, Laura Schofield #changemanagement #changeprojcts #changeleadership #postcovidworld #futureofwork #diversityequityandinclusion
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Entrepreneurs on a Mission of Leading Transformation in Pakistan! I was honoured to have the opportunity to speak at the National Incubation Centre (NIC) at LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) on the topic of Leadership, Resilience and Well-Being. The facilities were fantastic, with state-of-the-art co-working spaces. The heartfelt stories of start-ups were inspiring, and these creative problem solvers did not come through social or familial advantage. Instead these were committed men and women who had laser focus and unwavering commitment to break the boundaries and impact society. The group opened with vulnerability about their journies and setbacks as they faced personal and professional challenges while starting up as founders and leaders. When discussing self-leadership, emotional barriers, and limiting self-beliefs, they remarkably took the challenges and converted them into opportunities. These entrepreneurs successfully incubated their innovative and viable ideas, showcased the benefits and strengthened the start-up ecosystem to bring a massive social transformation to Pakistan. Leadership and Resilience are at the core of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs engaged in a rich discussion about purpose and meaning, a true sense of reality, creativity and like-minded networks. I was surprised by males sharing stories (in a conventional environment, men generally keep their emotions to themselves) of personal letdowns. The issues of mental and physical well-being were as crucial as success. Refreshingly, females made up half of the entrepreneurs in the room. Given a society which traditionally has not been supportive of working women, the entrepreneurial world in Pakistan is becoming more and more welcoming to women leading businesses. Notably, the work of Ignite Pakistan is commendable. NICs are playing a foundational role in furthering the vision of digital Pakistan. We need to build an Entrepreneurial Leadership Culture at the core of all this. To explore more on the topic, visit or book a session on Entrepreneurial leadership visit: Email: Call: 1 647 985 4409 #coaching
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Are you still skeptical of remote work? Last week, after almost two years, I was in the office. It is remarkable how organizations of all sizes have empowered and equipped employees to work remotely. People have worked in hybrid environments for quite some time as an option, but the pandemic has compelled us to shift permanently in one or many ways. To find out more about the future of work, join me and 100+ speakers from across the world at the ACMP Global Conference! June 28, 2022—July 1, 2022 to explore "Embracing the Changing World: Diversity, Technology, and Adaptability", #ACMPGC2022 22+ Live Sessions 50+ Pre-Recorded, On-Demand Sessions (available for 3 weeks) Networking Opportunities Pre-Conference Workshops #changemanagement #Changeleadership #womenleadership #womenempowerment Amanda Pastermack #acmp Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Global)
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I am fortunate to have developed a constellation of relationships spanning the globe in the past few years. These networks have influenced my growth and have pushed me beyond my natural comfort zone. It was an honour to be a moderator at the Lady Politico Power Conference by Hazel Herrington Marketing and Speaker Branding Expert Publications. Three powerful women shared their experiences, struggles and triumphs with humility and vulnerability. "If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive." ― Brené Brown In these moments, we realize that every success story has a massive backstory of failures, letdowns, and hardships. Thanks, Moriah Priestley (she/ her), Gauri Das (she/her) and Dixie Gillaspie, for sharing your wonderful journey, which is and touching and uplifting at the same time. #changemanagement #leadership #womenempowerment #diversityandinclusion #growth
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Moderating a panel discussion is not easy! As a moderator, one needs to listen with empathy, understanding, and genuine curiosity. It is hard work because it requires 'listening,' which involves courage, humility and care. It was delighted to be a moderator at the Lady Politico Power Conference by Hazel Herrington Marketing and Speaker Branding Expert and Publications! It is such a pleasure to be in a strong network of amazing women who lead with strength and fill us with energy and inspiration! Sarah Blake, Noleen Mariappen Shelli Brunswick Hazel Herrington Marketing and Speaker Branding ExpertCathy DimarchosAnnie GibbinsDr. Ruby Bakshi KhurdiGauri Das (she/her)Moriah Priestley (she/ her)Linda FiskDixie GillaspieSharmin SmithDr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes #diveristyandinclusion #womenleadership #femaleentrepreneurs
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How to empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries? During my recent visit to Pakistan, I had the opportunity to conduct Entrepreneurial Leadership workshops and meet a group of powerhouse women. Many thnaks @Conncted Women Paksitan and Kite Great collboration! It was a pleasure to be in the company of such incredible women who have resiliently faced extraordinary challenges during the Covid-19 and managed to run their businesses. These women were not privileged or belonged to the upper class; they paved the way for themselves and created opportunities for other women. They made their way up and demonstrated the power of driven women. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely, demanding task, and challenges amplify when you live in a society where everything does not come in handy for women. It takes a lot of courage to outshine in an environment that is not specifically receptive to female entrepreneurs. I am delighted to see the incredible growth in Pakistani female entrepreneurs. Women are naturally gifted with resilience, collaboration, intuition and a laser focus to achieve results. However, they need to move past the financial and operational barriers and invest in leadership development. Businesswomen need to learn hard skills: business negotiations, strategic networking, business scalability, and planning. They also suffer from limited self-belief and become a barrier for themselves most of the time. They need to tackle psychological and mental constraints along with buisness savvy. Entrepreneurial leadership can shift mindsets and bring true transformation. If you are interested in the topic or want to attend the upcoming workshop, please get in touch Visit: #leadershipdevelopment #changeleadership #startupbusiness #womenentrepreneurs
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It is an incredible honour to be a part of the Lady Politico Power Global Leadership Conference, where women leaders across the globe will talk about the issues that truly matter; women's underrepresentation in politics and power. Join me on Tuesday the 8-9 March 2022 at 9 pm EST and 12 pm AEST. Many thanks to Herrington Publications Worldwide for creating this platform. There is a dire need to discuss the ground realities of gender dynamics in power and women's overall challenges in attaining leadership positions in careers and business. I will be sharing a stage with inspiring female leaders who have accomplished incredibly despite the tremendous challenges. Join me to recognize the brilliance of these female achievers and reflect on what still needs to be done. Hazel Herrington Marketing and Speaker Branding Expert Annie Gibbins Linda Fisk Shelli Brunswick Noleen Mariappen #leadership #womenleadership #internationalwomensday2022
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