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Etro is New Tradition: the sum of creative experimentation and artisan know-how, since 1968.
An emblem of strength and style, your Crown Me bag. #EtroFW22
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6 hours ago
Extra magical days in impeccable tailoring. #EtroFW22
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1 day ago
Pink is an act of glamorous liberation. #LiquidPaisley
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3 days ago
Elevated travelers sail away in their #LiquidPaisley total look.
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4 days ago
Dazzling shades of rose for your August days. #LiquidPaisley
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5 days ago
Triumph of freshness and lightness. #LiquidPaisley
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6 days ago
Prepared for Mediterranean life and allure. #LiquidPaisley
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7 days ago
Summer color obsession: #LiquidPaisley Candy Pink.
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8 days ago
@rj_leader_allen sports a new and playful Etro arnica mini-tote handbag spiced up with a sweet ice-cream charm.
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10 days ago
Etro’s brand ambassador @rj_leader_allen wears a black & white look from the special capsule collection inspired by lovers’ day in China.
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11 days ago
Celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day with our style ambassador @rj_leader_allen , outfitted here with a paisley print shirt and bermuda shorts.
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12 days ago
Bright and breezy white. #EtroFW22
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13 days ago