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1 year ago
The Old New York Jets Joke I had last year. Excited for the new season - Headlining the Comedy Cabin in Wisconsin October 6-7 - Join my mailing list to get info on my live shows!
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3 months ago
Repost of one of my favorite jokes #jokes #standupcomedy
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10 months ago
I had no idea there were already 6 of them
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2 days ago
@keithtellsjokes vs @katiejkincaid 🥊🔥 Watch FULL roast from @comedymothership tonight at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT on Roast Battle’s YouTube! Ft. Special judges @ehsanjahmad + @dylanraysull + @rblcommish Link to vid premiere in bio! 🎥: @kinoloasis ✂️: @samfelser #dadbod #clams #roast #roastbattle #comedymothership #austincomedy
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2 days ago
It was an amazing run
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5 days ago
The Killer Whales are Killing it
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10 days ago
Genuinely had no idea we were supposed to vote two weeks ago
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11 days ago
Got caught behind a guy at a yellow the other day and it was infuriating
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16 days ago
Excited to announce I’ll be doing Ehsan Ahmad and Friends every month at Austin’s Newest dope comedy venue @blackrabbitatx ! First one is a month away. Ticket link in bio!
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17 days ago
Happy Diwali? Is that the right thing to say? #Diwali
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20 days ago
Didn’t realize I pronounced his name wrong until I made the clip 🤦🏽‍♂️
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21 days ago