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Have clear motives, clear goals and a clear vision of how you see yourself and what you want to accomplish. It’s easy to listen to people tell you who you are…heres the truth. That can influence you when you want to be great, once you’re great it won’t matter what others say or think. For whatever reason, people can’t be comfortable with greatness…they need to find a way to explain how you cheated or didn’t really deserve it. It’s the herd mentality that makes them try to knock you down because they can’t achieve it or aren’t willing to put in the work themselves. Happy weekend.
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The goal was to show more teeth in her smile. As we age the face loses volume and the teeth are collapsing slowly. The idea is build the teeth to a position that supports the face at its stage in aging today. Thankfully this requires little to no drilling because we are adding volume back.
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This patient came to me post Invisalign treatment with a diastema filled with bonding. We prepared the teeth for a mixture of #porcelainveneers crowns and bridges to restore her teeth. This was put in yesterday so some healing needs to occur. She was fitted for retainers to wear nightly. LA NEXT WEEK
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I look at some of these cases and smile myself. What a gift we were able to give this woman..with all of the stigma behind #porcelainveneers isn’t it nice to know it’s possible to get YOUR teeth back just better. Every detail followed, a great result. LA NEXT WEEK
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Throwback to simpler times learning how to layer ceramic. During covid I had some time to put to good use…it was for my understanding of what the CERAMISTs encounter as well as an attempt at being able to communicate better with our needs. It’s was a success LA NEXT WEEK
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The beauty of a smile is not what’s captured in a still photograph, it’s how it plays in someone’s face. No two smiles can ever be the same if they’re done correctly, they should be a creation for the individual. A true one of one.
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A very misleading cover… but the point is when we are looking to enhance a smile it’s not only esthetics that we’re looking at. It’s function and seemlessness as well. Interestingly, most people over the age of 50 show their bottom teeth when they speak vs their top. So the process is how to hide every seem when you’re living life AND creating harmonious function.
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Taking a “six tooth smile” and creating a “ten tooth smile”. It’s all angles and design that starts either understanding the reduction needed to achieve the result you want. 16 #porcelainveneers
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10 simple #porcelainveneers a year after placing them…this young guy takes care of his mouth differently now. Beyond looking better, he has a significantly healthier mouth…still room for improvement but he’s on the right path.
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Sometimes patients just want a recreation of what they had. This patient wore her original teeth down so we were able to recreate it with #porcelainveneers (10 on top). This is the beauty of working hand in hand with a team of clarets ceramists and having the ability to create something special.
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Single tooth dentistry can be complicated if some of the underlying causes as to why teeth are failing are not addressed. While we don’t “only” do full mouth rehabilitation, we tend to look at the mouth on a whole for optimal longevity.
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The patients face is the frame to which we design.
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