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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior
From Christian Dior’s Parisian home, to the modern day ateliers, this vibrant Jardin d’Hiver motif becomes a graphic punctuation of the #DiorAW22 ready-to-wear collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri . Discover the video of the #DiorSavoirFaire to see how the intricate sketch is brought to life with meticulous stitching in a plentiful color palette. Finished by hand piecing it together, no thread is left out of place with this immaculate creation. © Video: @MelindaTriana Photo: @AndreaCenetiempo
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8 hours ago
With each flourish and precisely placed gem, the D-Renaissance jewelry of the #DiorAW22 ready-to-wear collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri becomes a magnificent work of art. Uncover the #DiorSavoirFaire behind the jewels that are inspired by haute joaillerie. Artisans hand craft each piece with utmost care to offer creations that are uniquely elaborate in design. © Video: @MelindaTriana Photo: @AndreaCenetiempo
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12 hours ago
Watch how the exceptional #DiorSavoirFaire turns a sketch into a timeless silhouette. Combining function and finesse, the #DiorBobby Frame bag is expertly cut out and sewn together, before being embossed with the « 30 Montaigne » signature. Gold studs and finishings distinguish the model as a product of refinement while reflecting the contemporary essence of Dior. © Video: @MelindaTriana Photo: @AndreaCenetiempo
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16 hours ago
As an ode to Christian Dior and his winter garden, @MariaGraziaChiuri designed a delicate motif of plants, flowers and birds to adorn the #DiorAW22 ready-to-wear collection as seen with this iconic rendition of the #DiorBookTote . Created with a palette of over twenty different colors, this mesmerizing Jardin d&#039 ;Hiver motif is meticulously embroidered after each part of the bag is hand assembled, infusing it with the spirit of Dior. Stay tuned for the in-depth #DiorSavoirFaire video behind the bag. © @AndreaCenetiempo
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20 hours ago
Explore the #DiorSavoirFaire behind the elaborate D-Renaissance jewelry of the #DiorAW22 ready-to-wear collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri . The creations exemplify a virtuoso savoir-faire with their finely crafted details. Combining the lightness of lace with the delicacy of resin beads and rhinestones, these hand-applied objects of desire are reflections of the House’s excellence. For a closer look, watch out for the in-depth video to come. © @AndreaCenetiempo
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1 day ago
The #DiorBobby Frame bag by @MariaGraziaChiuri offers a structurally unique design featuring an accordion-like shape and gold hardware as seen here in the delicate &#039 ;Winter Garden&#039 ; motif. Stay tuned for the #DiorSavoirFaire video to learn more about each handcrafted element of this model. © @AndreaCenetiempo
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1 day ago
Discover the exquisite table settings designed by @CordialiadeCastellane that adorned the Heroes for Imagine gala dinner. Creating tables with different color schemes, the monochrome places were embellished with exquisite creations bearing the signature of @DiorMaison to create a playful ambience. © @Laora_Queyras
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1 day ago
The Heroes for Imagine dinner gathered talents from around the world to share an evening of fundraising initiated by @KamelMennour , with the support of @ChristiesParis and @Galeriekreo . Take a look at the guests who attended at @Institut_Imagine , including @MariaGraziaChiuri , @GadElmaleh , and @CordeliadedeCastellane . © @Laora_Queyras
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1 day ago
Delight in the details of the Heroes for Imagine gala: a charity event for @Institut_Imagine which is meant to raise money for children affected by genetic diseases. The auction prizes included the coveted #DiorxVespa model from a collaboration between the House and the @Vespa scooter experts, as well as acclaimed artwork. To host the array of guests, @DiorMaison set the tables with curated place settings and various motifs by @CordeliadeCastellane , and even designed complementary floral arrangements.  © Video: @Dnl.Darmon Photo: @Laora_Queyras
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2 days ago
Coveted accessories from #DiorWinter22 by @MrKimJones are put into conversation with the heritage of the House to present new iterations of iconic styles such as the &#039 ;Dior Lingot 50&#039 ; bag seen with the &#039 ;Christian Dior&#039 ; signature logo. © @RafaelPavarotti_
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2 days ago
Taking the lines of the iconic #DiorSaddle bag, @MrKimJones presents the ultimate gardening set for #DiorWinter22 . The bag&#039 ;s signature shape is transformed into a foldable stool, fit for all the essential tools needed to cultivate your very own garden. As an ode to Monsieur Dior&#039 ;s passion for flowers, this element is once again used as a source of inspiration for innovative creations. © @RafaelPavarotti_
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2 days ago
For #DiorWinter22 by @MrKimJones , the collection celebrates Dior&#039 ;s heritage through the use of emblematic symbols of the House. Take a closer look at the &#039 ;CD Diamond&#039 ; covered pouch, a Cannage embroidered jacket, and the Prince of Wales motif on both a beret and tailored suit, which bridge a connection between past and present. © @RafaelPavarotti_
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