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TALES OF THE WILD - GRIZZLY KID In 2021, for Earth Day, Tales of the Wild takes you into the heart of British Columbia’s forests, in Canada, where the biologist Wes Larson leads the harsh life of a Jack London hero to observe grizzlys. He says: "We are part of the ecosystem of the wilderness. It was not something we tried to dominate, it was something we were trying to live in harmony with.” Directed by @clembeauvais#DiorParfums #earthday
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1 hour ago
TALES OF THE WILD BY SAUVAGE Dior invites you to meet two, out of the ordinary characters, with a wealth of remarkable stories about commitment. Directed by @clembeauvais Photos credits: @arthur.de .k • #DiorParfums #earthday
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9 hours ago
TALES OF THE WILD BY SAUVAGE Celebrate Earth Day by discovering Tales of the Wild. Two portraits of committed guardians, determined to find symbiosis between the world of wildlife and mankind. Two “Nature Watchmen” who want to protect life. Directed by @clembeauvais#DiorParfums #earthday
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22 hours ago
TALES OF THE WILD BY SAUVAGE The short film series Tales of the Wild explores the entire globe, and the worlds of those who have chosen to live in vast spaces and live by the principle of freedom. Directed by @clembeauvais Photos credits: @arthur.de .k • #DiorParfums #earthday
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Its name a play on the words 'gem' and 'j’aime' ('I love'), the #GemDior collection by @VictoiredeCastellane is lensed for #DiorMagazine 33 by @NicholasAlanCope apart. The flexible, open-ended and segmented construction is a signature of #DiorJoaillerie and #DiorHorlogerie designs alike, whether as a yellow gold and diamond bracelet, or a steel and yellow gold watch with diamond details and heptagonal lapis lazuli dial.
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2 days ago
A bold cuff from the #GemDior collection by @VictoiredeCastellane highlights the joint inspiration from naturally occurring mineral strata and the fabric swatches Monsieur Dior pinned to his couture designs. Shot for #DiorMagazine 33 by @NicholasAlanCope , asymmetrical segments of gold and pavé diamonds are interspersed with slices of lapis lazuli, malachite and chrysoprase. #DiorJoaillerie
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2 days ago
The first collection by @VictoiredeCastellane to combine #DiorJoaillerie and #DiorHorlogerie under the same theme, the #GemDior line is captured for the pages of #DiorMagazine 33 by @NicholasAlanCope . On a pair of watches, the organic asymmetry of natural minerals informs heptagonal dials and bezels that segue into strata-like rose and white gold flexible and open-ended bracelets glittering with pavé diamonds.
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2 days ago
For a #DiorMagazine 33 editorial, legendary photographer @SarahMoon_Official pictures pieces from the #DiorSS21 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri in a darkly ambiguous setting, their volumes windblown and abstracted, the impression introspective and intimate. Made in Italy, some of the pieces are embellished with traditional Endek Bali Indonesia.
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2 days ago
Renowned illustrator Mats Gustafson returns to contribute to #DiorMagazine 33, employing his hazy, watercolor aesthetic to portray pieces from the #DiorSS21 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri , including a long floral-print dress with gilet, 'D-Bubble' bucket bag, and bralette and high-waist briefs knitted with the 'Dior Jardin' motif. Made in Italy, some of these creations are embellished with traditional Endek Bali Indonesia.
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2 days ago
Romantic, magical and mysterious, the #DiorMagazine 33 editorial by @SarahMoon_Official brings the esteemed photographer's painterly eye to the #DiorSS21 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri , depicting the floral motifs and soft silhouettes in her characteristic ethereal style. Made in Italy, some of the pieces are embellished with traditional Endek Bali Indonesia.
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2 days ago
Using a clever medley of Parisian and superimposed settings, model and photographer @MalickBodi captures himself for #DiorMagazine 33 wearing #DiorSummer21 by @MrKimJones . Designed in collaboration with @AmokaBoafo , one of the latter's figurative works is recreated on a sweater in a mix of knit techniques and embroidery, a transparent #DiorOblique shirt hangs on a washing line, and the ivy motif on a bandana references not only one of the artist's paintings but also a 1950 evening dress by Monsieur Dior embellished with silk leaves.
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3 days ago
A photographic talent in the ascendant, model @MalickBodi appears in self-lensed images for #DiorMagazine 33 wearing #DiorSummer21 by @MrKimJones designed in collaboration with @AmoakoBoafo . Elements from the Ghanaian artist’s paintings come through directly in techno twill shirts with foliate motifs and a white poplin counterpart with a bandana detail collar.
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3 days ago