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Dear women, This day is dedicated to every single one of you out there. Whether you are a daughter,sister, mother, grandmother, or friend, your existence and greatness is reason enough to be celebrated on this day, as well as every other day. You are strong. You are fierce. You are capable. You have the ability to empower enormous impacts in the world, yet still be able to display the mother-like compassion that is almost instinct in our nature. Your duality is like no other, just as your individuality is incomparable. Your capabilities are limitless because YOU are limitless. Each dream and ambition you aspire to attain is only a road away with solely YOURSELF behind the wheel. You bring peace to where there is war. You bring nurturing to where there is vulnerability. And you bring courage to where there is cowardliness. You are a woman. SHE/HER is embedded in your being and what an honor it has come to be. Lets live to inspire and build each other up to be the boss-ladies we all know we are. Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ Looking forward to the @dior #DiorAW21 Show on this special Day 🙌🏽 #DiorCaro Photographer: @mikahdewolf
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11 hours ago
My everyday hair and skin 🥰 (Only makeup is mascara and a dab of lip liner + balm) Are you a skincare or makeup lover?? Im a skincare girl allll day every day 🙌🏽
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12 days ago
Diipa of fashion week last year same time had no idea what was coming for her in a few months.. 🤰🏽😳 #blessed #week32
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17 days ago
7.5 months in and still working up a sweat! 😉 Left or right?
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23 days ago
Life has always been better with you by my side, as a best friend, partner and husband. It’s a blessing to grow individually and together with you. I’m so excited for everything that lays ahead of us, knowing that it will be filled with happiness, success and love. Thank you for every laugh, smile, hug and opportunity to start a beautiful family together. As every year goes by, my love for you will only grow stronger. Your best years are still ahead of you and WE’LL be there for you at life’s crazy ups and downs. Here’s to more fun, laughter, tone deaf singing and drunk nights with our favourite people. 🥂 Happy birthday my soulmate @olegbuller ❤️
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1 month ago
So happy to announce my second split screen video featuring my favourite woman @sarahangius We both love hair and so of course the video had to be about hair.. 🥰
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1 month ago
@misho_designs x @diipakhosla We’re here to #ENDCOLORISM ! The blatant oppression and inferiority thrown towards the different skin tones that walk our earth, continue to this day. We need to come together regardless of the pigmentation we find ourselves covered in, realizing that our true worth goes further beyond outward appearances. We are all equal and we should all be treated accordingly. In unison with @post.for .change, we’ve teamed up with @misho_designs to create something special. Mistaking this as simply a necklace or fashion piece would be inaccurate, instead something that every individual could convey in symbolism of our battle against colorism. We believe every voice should be heard. Please join our cause and treat yourself to this gorgeous necklace that stands to #endcolorism because every brown is beautiful. ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏼✊🏻✊🏽 (link in bio)
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1 month ago
This was back in month 4 of my pregnancy where everything might look glamorous but I was puking my guts out 3 times a day. Who else suffered with bad morning sickness? Also gender reveal coming todayyyyyy 🤍🙏🏽
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1 month ago
Do these two look like soon to be parents? 😉😍 #week28 (only 12 weeks to go!)
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
Momi appreciation post! As I’m in the process of becoming a mother myself, I have been feeling so much extra gratitude for my Momi and everything she is and has done for us. Mothers are truly walking miracles! ✨ Fun fact: Did you know that my Momi @sangithakhosla is an award winning Dermatologist and Ayurvedic doctor? So much of my knowledge of skin, hair and health come from her. #HairGoals #SkinGoals and #BeautyGoals Am I right? 🙌🏽😍
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1 month ago
T minus 3 months for this family to grow by 1!! Gender reveal coming soon.. what is your guess? 🤗🤗
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