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We are deeply proud of the work that Bill George and our team brought to @DarrenAronofsky ’s #PostcardFromEarth , and grateful to the Visual Effects Society for this nomination. Bill brought over four decades of history at ILM to this project, and the work truly speaks for itself. Don’t miss the new pristine and fine-tuned version of Postcard from Earth starting tomorrow at @SphereVegas .
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1 month ago
fine tuning for the last 3 months and the results are spectacular. on friday 1/19 we release THE NEW pristine version of #postcardfromearth at @spherevegas THANKS to the entire crew at msg and @ilmvfx for fighting till the end.
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1 month ago
we have a bunch of fun #eastereggs in #PostcardFromEarth @spherevegas , there’s another on in this shot, in fact the entire show is filled with so many things that it’s near impossible to see them all. people are already planning second viewings. #rideofthecentury #howmanycanyousee #twins #parma #italy #italia #sphere @regioparma
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4 months ago
see you all on oct 6
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4 months ago
have you wondered what the top of @spherevegas looks like? that grid is the structure that holds all those led’s that are lighting up #vegas . it is an #architectualphenomenom #architecture #sphere #dome
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5 months ago
did i mention that #PostcardFromEarth is also part sci-fi? and part natural history on a scale and level of detail you’ve never seen before. premiers oct 6 and plays for awhile only @spherevegas , this is us last week putting final touches on the mix. thanks to craig, matt, andrew, tim, rob, jen and everyone on the team for the long nights. please excuse the pink hat it was cold in there.
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5 months ago
first look of the 18k, 60fps largest screen on the planet. featuring #postcardfromearth premiering october 6 only @spherevegas making a half-petabyte (500000 gb) experience, filming on every continent, a love letter to mother earth it has been incredibly rewarding. we are just finishing up the mix and it’s next level with 160000 speakers. postcard is a journey and i can’t wait to share it with you all. my iphone can’t come close to capturing the definition on the screen. at times you forget where you are and you’re transported to the other side of our home. #vegas #sphere #msg #cinematography #elephant @rob_simonsen @libatique @janetribeca @jchinlund @thezaya__ @anecrabtree @protozoapictures @brandonnsantana @ct3d @ashulkind @chromista.tv /shows/the-sphere-experience
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the outpouring of love has been amazing and has made me reflect. i have one more mark story i want to share. when we were casting pi we had met with pretty much every actor in the age range who could play sol the former soviet mathematician who had spent some time in the gulag. countless actors had come in and every one of them struggled with the accent. so much so i decided to cut that requirement cause never mind the accent i needed a great actor. shooting was almost upon us and i was starting to panic. then our casting director bumped into mark at the supermarket in line and convinced him to come read for this upstart kid from brooklyn. when he came in i told him to ignore the accent. he cocked his head and said it’s not a problem. to myself i thought uh oh! this won’t be good. but then he opened his mouth and we had sol. ok here’s a few more memories: we were a super low budget film and everyday i drove mark to set. and everyday i’d think about pacino driving the bomb maker by the UN as i looked at mark in my passenger seat. then there was mr. rabinowitz “you’re mom needs you like a moose needs a hat rack.” and there was the Franciscan opening the movie in the fountain and getting his brains smashed in. and in the wrestler he was the mean landlord who pissed the real mickey rourke off with his attitude. i told mark to never look at mickey and sure enough he didn’t. and later in noah on the spot where the tectonic plates split and was the birthplace of democracy he played the great OG, nephilim of the bible screaming out his heart as he tested noah. what a great artist. a great collaborator. a great muse. there was nothing he could not do. love you mark.
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6 months ago
legend my dear friend @markmargolis1 who saved me by playing sol in pi, and joined me on requiem, the fountain, the wrestler, black swan and noah was a friend, a mentor, a true new yorker, and a great great artist. i love you mark and i am so grateful for everything you contributed to the world.
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excited to announce the continuing adventures of eric and his coney island gang. writing and releasing monster club (1) was a blast. meeting new 8-12 year old fans was a joy. unfortunately book 2 doesn’t come out till January 30, 2024 but you can pre-order now /kxtmhm7a thank you to @lancerubinparty @harpersbooks @harperkids art by @kurniawanron . /products/monster-club-monsters-take-manhattan-darren-aronofskyari-handellance-rubin?variant=41056039370786
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