Dimitris Marinopoulos

Two twin, facing each other, beaches 🏝🏝 two gulfs with crystal clear waters & a small island with a church on his peek, creates one of the most beautiful & iconic beaches in Cyclades 😍 the famous Kolona beach in Kythnos island 🏝 in frame, the iconic beach under the light of the early morning sun 🔆 (📍Kolona beach, Kythnos - Cyclades)
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6 hours ago
Kythnos, hm … I think I shorted the most beautiful churches there 😌 the reason I love this island is clearly because the residents take care of it a lot! Everything in Kythnos is beautiful, from the picturesque homes to magnificent churches, beache bars and local restaurants 🥳 in frame the iconic Cycladic church of Panagia near to Dryopida village! (📍Dryopida, Kythnos - Cyclades)
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20 hours ago
Say hi! to Polyaigos 😍 the island 🏝 where are living only … 2 people! In Greek language Polyaigos (= Πολύαιγος) means “Many goats” 🐐 because the population of those animals on the island are more than enough 🤪 Polyaigos is located near Kimolos and you can access it by daily cruises every day during the summer time ⛵️🔆 (📍Polyaigos, Cyclades)
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1 day ago
There is no summer without even a weekend to Paros island 🏝🥳 the lady of Cyclades is ready to please the visitor with whatever he wants, from wind-surf 🌊 to magnificent nights 🥳! In frame, the iconic church of Saint Nikolas inside the picturesque port of Naousa, with its pure white color and a magnificent blue sky in the background 😍 (📍Naousa, Paros - Cyclades)
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2 days ago
The Aegean sea Royal citizens 🐬 Hydrodynamic, powerful and more that amazing, those beautiful & sweets creatures swim freely around our islands! Flirting with passing ships and boats, showing their amazing speed and cuteness 😍 Dolphins are one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see in your life 🙈 so … airy & dynamic in the same time, splurging in front of you to show you who is the really prince of the seas! Enjoy them … and try to keep the safe from human activity! (📍Cyclades, Aegean sea - Greece) ⚠️ I want to mention that during our meet with those dolphins no one of us tried to touch or feed them! We just watched the show breathless …
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3 days ago
Geometric, white, soft blue shapes & structures and a bit of pure light! That means that you are on an island of Cyclades group 🏝 In the frame?! The church of Saint Antonios on the island of Kythnos covered with sunset light 🌅 It’s pure magic … (📍Dryopida, Kythnos - Cyclades)
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4 days ago
Back to Kimolos, the calm island near Milos 🤩 an aerial view of the Hora by the golden hour gives you a perfect idea of a maze like architecture & the streets of the settlement! Churches, square houses & Cycladic alleys create the perfect summer scenery ☀️ Hope you a beautiful Sunday everyone 🥳 (📍Hora of Kimolos, Kimolos - Cyclades)
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6 days ago
Simple, blue, white & Cycladic 🇬🇷 Capturing windows like this was by far my favourite wont when I’m roaming around Cyclades! Idk but this simple beauty takes my mind away 😏 and Kythnos islands offers amazing stuff like this for everyone who want frames like this 😌 (📍Kanala, Kythnos - Cyclades)
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7 days ago
It’s ok to swim … alone 🤩 especially when you are swimming in those crystal clear waters! The beach?! Prasa beach 🏝 of Kimolos, in frame?! Pure Cycladic beauty 🤩 (📍Prasa Beach, Kimolos - Cyclades)
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8 days ago
Kythnos, as we previously said in our guid for this island 🏝 , is a small giant in Cyclades! Picturesque corners, superior beaches and beautiful vibes 🥳 is the cocktail that creates this amazing small gem inland just 90Klm from Athens! Maybe one of the most iconic capital village of all, Hora of Kythnos is ready to offer you whatever you want to enjoy 😌 Visit Kythnos and you’ll remember me 😉 (📍Hora of Kythnos, Kythnos - Cyclades)
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9 days ago
The small picturesque port of Kimolos, known as Psathi 😍 is a coastal settlement in the east side of the island 🏝 Talking about the island, the atmosphere and the vibes are really a unique experience! You feel the calmness from the first step on the place 😌 Enjoy Kimolos AKA the land of Kimolia (This chalk that we used to write down on the black board on school 🏫) 📍Psathi, Kimolos - Cyclades
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10 days ago
That’s not a pool, now even a video that I edited for color correction or something! It’s the crystal clear, super blue waters 🌊 of Polyaigos island 😳 that’s located near Kimolos and it’s only accessible through a boat 🛥 take a glance of what’s coming guys 🥳🥳 (📍Polyaigos, Kimolos - Cyclades)
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11 days ago