Craig's Restaurant🍽🌟❤️


Happy Valentine’s Day! Anyone can get u flowers? Can they make u a ❤️ shaped Parm? To all of our family of guests and crew. Shout out to all of the significant others who let us do what we love. @lisa.present.susser
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11 days ago
Short Ribs over Parmesan Risotto with Crispy Shallots!
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17 days ago
Lucky 13 - Humbled and Honored! So nice had to post twice!
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1 month ago
Celebrating our 13th anniversary today. Grateful to so many! Thank you to our amazing crew and loyal family of guests. Special thanks to @lisa.present.susser @chefkursten @jbigus77
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1 month ago
Chicken Soup with house made Egg Noodles! #warm happy Birthday @jayluchs nice work @chefkursten
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1 month ago
Winter Break! Thank u @steinlodge @lisa.present.susser ❤️
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2 months ago
Fresh Pasta! Happy Birthday day Mom!
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2 months ago
Fresh Pasta! #thursday #everyday
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Tagliatelle Truffle Bolognese! #dinner
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2 months ago
Parmesan Gnoochi with White Truffle and Maitake Mushrooms! Not cheap but neither are you! 🤔❤️😝🔥
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3 months ago