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by @abigailspencer ⁣ Soulful, seasonal bouquets & blooms…Say “You’re easy to love” with flowers.⁣ By request only. [email protected]
I am a woman in love. @countylineflorals 📷 @jennapeffley
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You’re Easy to Love. @countylineflorals 📷 @jennapeffley
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We love a good flower truck pop up, who wouldn’t like leaving with a bouquet of their favorite stems?! Hey Lanai can help with whatever you fancy, what’s your next event that we can get on the agenda?
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A Simple September fête brought to you by @theretaility @toms in honor of Brittany Snow and Jaspre's September Letters.⁣ ⁣ Photos by: @emmaeliza
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Betty does the ‘Bu! Follow along tomorrow, Saturday September 23rd for fresh bouquets!☀️ Stop One: Malibu Country Mart 11am - 1pm Stop Two: The Little Beach House Malibu 1pm - 3pm Swing by and have our Floristas serve up a fresh bouquet brew. Say « You’re Easy to Love » with Saturday’s select stems. @sohohouse #littlebeachhouse
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It’s almost Libra season ♎️ The Lady Libra is the embodiment of empathy and goodness. Fair and balanced, she is ruled by Venus and seeks love, truth, and beauty in all aspects of life. Get your orders in now for this pretty lady 🌼
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Repost our @abigailspencer ☀️ Carrying California dreams... & flowers. #VeniceBeach @countylineflorals to 📷: @stephanieschuster
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Virgo Season ♍️ She has accepted that all good things must come to an end as she plans and embraced new beginnings. Our Lady Virgo Astro-Quet is available now featuring bright white cosmos, splashes of sapphire delphinium, and pampas and olive 🫒 #virgoseason
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A dreamy California wedding at @sanysidroranch ☀️ Florals by @countylineflorals designed and made on site to fit in with the wonderful furnishings by @foundrentalco . Planned by our favorite, @mindyweiss , this was a wedding for the ages! ⁣ ⁣ 📸: @abbyandlauren
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Welcome Virgo Season… The planner and neatest of the Zodiac, the one you want in your corner to help weather life’s storms. Our kind and humanistic Virgo teaches us to let go of self-criticism and trust that the Divine has our back. Shop our Lady Virgo Astro-Quet today 💫
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